September 14, 2006

Glory Be

I have my life back.... I am proud to announce that my new photography website is complete!!! Check out Marcelain Photography and let me know what you think. Props to my cousin Michael for helping me with it. I decided to work on a program called iweb a part of the ilife package that you use on a mac. I can honestly say, if I can design my website, a monkey could design a website, it was a great program to use. I have some tweaking to do on the slideshow part of it, I need to size it down a bit and add some tunes, but other than that it is in full working order.
Derek is doing well in football, and had a great practice tonight. Jack and Sophie are LOVING their acting class they take at APAC. All is well in the Marcelain house, big sigh.
Jack has taken to reading large books lately. He started Harry Potter and is quite a ways into it, and then started reading a bigger book that Rob just finished called Aragon, story of a dragon I think. He is quite the reader.
Our ladies bible class at church just started a new study on Daniel, by Beth Moore. The first class was excellent and I am really looking forward to it. Daniel is such a rich character to study. He had so much devotion to God and was so strong in his faith, I think that the more I learn about Daniel, he is one of my favorite characters from the Old Testament. He was a man who lived out his faith under pressure to conform to the society around him. He stood up for God and didn't bow down to any one or anything else, Father help me be more like Daniel, and thank you for Your mercy when I fail.
I had a great time today visiting with Sophie's class at school. The book they read this week was about a photographer so Sophie's teacher asked me to come in and talk about being a photographer. The kids are so fun. One of the little girls that saw Sophie after class told her, "your mom is so cool." When Sophie told me that, I started to get teary eyed. I don't really care at all if anyone thinks I am or for that matter am not (which is more accurate) cool, but I could tell that Sophie was proud of me. Of all my kids Sophie is definately the most independant. Often times in the past when I would visit her school to eat lunch with Jack, she would choose to just stay with her friends at her class table. I was totally fine with that, and never made her feel bad, she just likes to socialize and she has already hit that stage that she thinks that I am cramping her style at times. So to see that pride in her eyes for me today made me shed a tear or two. She came home and said that she thinks she might want to be a photographer when she grows up.
Now I know how Rob feels when Jack says he wants to work with him when he grows up. Jack also says he wants to live at home forever, no spending his money on an overpriced house, he will just live at home. When he wants a break from us he is going to go to Mommer and Tom's and sleep on their couch. He did comment that at our home he would actually have a bed of his own, so that is where he will stay most of the time. I just tell him, "you can live here forever and ever, and I would love it." which gets a big smile from my sweet little boy. Oh that he would stay here forever, but someday he will fly the coop and our house will be Jack-less, Sophie-less, and Derek-less, now that really makes me cry. Someone asked me the other day how old my kids were, I told her, and she said this is the meaty time of your life with your kids. These are the years that they are growing into the young adults they will be soon enough, but they still want to live in your house forever. Glory be, how can life get any better than this? Tears are falling again, I am thankful for what I have.


Anonymous said...

Tammy, I am enjoying reading your blog so much. You are an inspiration to me and I am sure many others through your writing. I got the message you left me at work. Thanks for taking the time to let me know. Kim Berry

shellie said...

Ashley thought it was so neat that you came to their class. She told me the best part was she and some other girls got to STAND on the table when you were taking the class picture. That was the highlight of her day. And yes, we must take advantage of those moments in life when our kids think we are "cool", because before we know it - they will be teenagers!!!

jessica said...

Funny... I was just thinking that I had been on the compt all week but I was unable to blog at all! What is this?

Good luck this week!