September 28, 2006

Sweet Diana the Bling Queen

I lifted the group toenail picture from Sarah's blog. Thanks Phil for your great photo taking skills. A couple of weeks ago in celebration and togetherness our Coffee Group that was speaking at the ACU Lectures had our toenails done, one after the other at Objet D'Art, by Diana. She is the most talented manicurist/pedicurist ever! I love that she can make even my toes blingy. Sadly yesterday I broke the bond (as Judy put it) and had a polish change done. I loved the coffee mugs, but I was aching for the "black, silver and bling" as Diana calls it. I decided several weeks ago I wanted Raiders (my son is on the Pop Warner Team, The Raiders) colors and Diana told me she had just the design for me. Well I can honestly say I am in pedicure heaven. Diana you are great. If you want to make an appt. with Diana you must call 6-8 weeks ahead of time, she is always booked, so think ahead. But! She is an artist, and worth the wait. We love you Diana.


Sarah said...

AND don't forget to mention she only does pedicures on Thu., Fri., or Sat.!!! I used to think "must be nice" until I had mine done and thought about the reality of staring at, treating, and massaging other people's feet for 12 hours a day. Blech! She is AWESOME -- the art is pretty cute, but the massage is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

Denise W. said...

The coffee cups still look GOOD! Just last night someone commented on them. Please stop posting her phone number on your blog - I'll never get in again!

Don't you dare put Rosie on here!

Connie said...

Are you gonna tell use which toes are whose??