September 06, 2006

MRI Scheduled

Hello - Wednesday afternoon and the kids are fixin' (Texas word) to be walking in the front door from the bus any moment. I just received Jack's next MRI date, it will be November 1 and then the follow up visit will be November 2 when we find out the results. I think that a ball got dropped somewhere in the appt. scheduling department because Jack's appointment should have been the first week of October. I emailed the doctor today to check on the appointment as we hadn't received any notification of it yet. It really is not a big deal, but there seems to be a big red star in my mind-calendar for Jack's appointments, and now I have to re-adjust my big red star for November, and insert 4 more weeks of patiently waiting to know what is going on in Jack's brain. I will need to file it in the don't think about it cabinet, just pray for peace.
Derek had a good practice last night, he took down mammoth boy, you could hear their helmets crash across the field. They were scrimmaging and mammoth boy had the ball, somehow Derek ended up being the player that got in his way and took the boy down. Go Derek. His coaches gave him a big pat on the shoulder. He has 2 football games this weekend, the regular one on Saturday then the make up one on Sunday afternoon. The coaches added another practice for tonight as the boys missed the game due to rain on Monday night, which is when normal practice takes place. So for 6 days Derek will be playing football 5 days of that 6. I am leaving out my next comment about what I think about that, in the name of love.
Well the kids are home. Start up those prayers for our November trip to Dallas.


jessica said...

Love the new design.. We will be praying... I hate waiting as well... so we will be praying for you too! Hope all is well...

Rebecca said...

We'll be praying for you while you wait, and for Jack. That's a lot to not think about.

I used to say 'fixin to' even after we moved out here from Mississippi. I think I stopped a couple of years after we got to CA, when one of my new friends couldn't understand what I meant. Until then, I had failed to notice no one else was saying it.