September 22, 2006

Living in the land of Battlestar Gallactica

Good morning. Friday is here.
Last night I was putting Jack to bed and he told me that one of his friends in his classroom was going to be on a commercial. Jack told him that he knows what it is like to be on tv, he is an old pro I guess.
I am still trying to learn several new programs on my computer for digital imaging. I am sure there will be a time I will know what I need to know, but right now it seems light years away living in the land of Battlestar Galactica 2. FYI I have not seen BG2 but my friend Denise got real excited about it being released on dvd so I am sure it is a great sci fi show.
I am headed out for coffee with my friends so I will keep today short but I just wanted to check and say hello.
from your living in the land of photoshop friend. (p.s. a mask is not just something your kid wears on halloween, it is a very important tool in photoshop.)