January 03, 2007

100 Things- o.k. 68 things plus 2 pictures

1. I was born in San Angelo, TX
2. I carry citizenship to Australia and the good old U.S.A.
3. I am the oldest of 5 kids. 2 brothers and 2 sisters
4. I went to 14 different schools before the 10th grade.
5. My first job was at Carvel Ice Cream Store, I was 15.
6. I graduated 2 months after my 17th birthday and moved out that same week.
7. I was the youngest store manager for Wherehouse Entertainment, Movies, Video, Computer Software at 18 years old.
8. They called me the Hammer because I could clean up a store from internal theft in record time, I had NO mercy.
8. I dropped out of college after 3 semesters.
9. I kissed a boy for the first time in the 11th grade. Leland was his name. I went on Senior Ditch day with him to the lake.
10. I used to be a rocker chick, big platinum blonde hair, ripped up jeans, and hang out at rocker clubs.
11. I was a Prince fanatic in high school, loved his movie, why did my mom ever let me watch that?
12. I was baptized by my father in our swimming pool at home in the 7th grade. Very special.
13. Because of my job at the Wherehouse I was able to meet several singers and musicians. KISS, Garth Brooks, AC/DC, Alabama, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osborne (4 times), many, many more.
14. My favorite Rock and Roll song is Crazy Train by Oz.
15. My oldest friend is Suzanne from the 3rd grade.
16. The favorite meal my Nana would cook when we would visit, biscuits and red eye gravy.
17. I made alot of bad choices after high school, God was merciful to me and brought me through them.
18. In my first apartment my roomate Heather and I lived on Wheat Thins and cream cheese, the kind with chives in it.
19. We lived on some acreage when I was in the 10th grade, my dad asked me to mow, I purposely left huge patches of tall grass behind, he never asked me again.
20. I loved wearing school uniforms when my family lived in Australia.
21. My favorite teacher was Miss Vintilla, 3rd grade, in Phoenix. AZ. I wrote her and told her so, now we trade Xmas cards.
22. My favorite flavor of ice cream is coffee.
23. I have to drink 1 cup of coffee a day or I will get a headache.
24. I love to have company over.
25. Both my parents are deceased.
26. I was chased by a large toad on my way to school in Australia when I was in the 6th grade.
27. My roomate Alicia and I owned chameleon lizards, never could keep them alive.
28. At 23 years old I got down on my knees and asked God to rescue me from my sin, and He did.
29. Within 2 weeks I lived in a different state, working at a church, and living with my grandparents.
30. God listened and moved mightily in my life.
31. I listened and followed the path He set before me.
32. It took about 1 year for me to settle into my new life - I studied the Bible alot and prayed alot.
33. The preacher at my church introduced me to my husband, Rob.
34. Before Rob and I were formally introduced, I saw him at church and knew it was him, and knew that we would get married.
35. It took Rob 3 days to call me after our first lunch with our preacher and his family, he was working alot.
36. After that 3 days we saw each other almost every day and were engaged 5 months later.
37. We had a long engagement, I paid for my own wedding, and went to work as a grocery clerk for 10 months to save enough money.
38. We honeymooned in Jamaica.
39. We both wanted to start a family right away, we were married for 8 months when I became pregnant with Derek.
40. Derek was 16 months old when I became pregnant with the twins.
41. I love sushi.
42. My favorite sushi - spicy scallops, spicy tuna,...
43. I introduced Rob to sushi, he loves it too!
44. Rob and I love to see movies.
45. We also love to just hang out at the house together.
46. I love to read.
47. My favorite book, the Bible.
48. My favorite fiction - Harry Potter Series.
49. Someone who inspires me - Mother Teresa, I have several books by and on her. The Simple Path is my favorite.
50. The same week Mother Teresa died, so did Princess Diana. I was a fan of both ladies, but sad that Mother seemed to be overshadowed by Diana's death. I believe Mother would have had it no other way.
51. When Lady Diana died I was carving a whole chicken that I had cooked in the crockpot, I was already grossed out, then sad, I decided I would never cook a whole chicken again.
52. I hate raw meat. I touch it and cook with it because I am a mom and that is what mom's do.
53. I have been a vegetarian several times, but was not disciplined enough to get all the nutrients that I needed, I ate too many carbs. I would love to be a vegetarian - a lacto- ovo-vegetarian to be exact.
54. I am a bit of a germa-phobe.
55. I love photography.
56. I love art.
57. I love to dance with my kids.
58 I love to dance with my husband.
59. My favorite Christmas movie is "It's a Wonderful LIfe," I watch it when I wrap presents every year.
60. I love old movies.
61. One of my favorite newer movies is Gladiator.
62. We have a miniature dachsund who I named Snickers.
63. I have owned 3 other dogs, all of which I named Tupenz.
64. I spent too much time in the Arizona sun when I was younger.
65. I am very interested in long-term mission work.
66. God has transformed my unmerciful heart to a merciful one.
67. I love Bible studies by Beth Moore.
68. I think that there is more about me, but I for the life of me can't think of any.
I added 2 pictures, one of me in Australia feeding a Kangaroo when I was there visiting my family, and the other was a backstage meet and greet with Ozzie and my friend Michelle.


Anna said...

Love the picture of you w/ Ozzie! I remember you telling me about all of that, so I loved seeing a pic of it. We have several things in common. I love reading these lists.

Denise W said...

You Rocker Chick! I love that you have a pic with Ozzie - maybe that's where Derek gets it?

jessica said...

Wow... Ozzie & Garth Brooks... what a variety! :)

Amber Joy said...

Tammy, I didn't even recognize you in the pictures. I was like, wow, more people in my dear friend's life that I don't know. But it was YOU!!
Love the list. I'd love for you to join the ranks of us lacto-ovo-vegetarians. We're a special breed. ;)