January 01, 2007

Da' Boys and My Boys

Here are some pics from the game yesterday. We had a great time! We got there in plenty of time, as you can tell by the lack of other fans in some of the pics. The boys both had a great time, it was colder than I thought, I wish I would have brought stocking caps for all of us, but live and learn. The view of the field was our view from our seats and in my favorite picture of Derek you can see we were pretty close to the top (the side view of him looking down, which he didn't know I took). The game was exciting, maybe too exciting at times, each time Romo fumbled the ball or didn't get the ball to the receiver we were showered with words that my boys have NEVER heard before. From all sides there was ugly words pelted down to the field. America's team and each player is only as loved as their last play's performance. Everything but that was dreamy about the day. Even the traffic and the crowds of people were part of the experience, one my boys will never forget.
After the game was over and we were walking back to our lot we parked in there were thousands of people ahead of us and thousands of people behind us. I wondered if that was what it felt like as Moses was leading the Israelites out of Egypt.
I enjoyed the experience. It was cool to see the players warm up and hang out on the field tossing a ball back and forth, with our binoculars I could see their shoe laces. I also noticed that most of the players are wearing football shorts above the knees and their socks go up above their knees, not the old style football pants that go beneath their knees. I never would have known that on television.
It was fun, maybe we will do it again in a couple of years. We were hoping that Da' Bears would be at Dallas next year, but Rob just read that Dallas plays in Chicago for that game, it would have been a fun time as our group is very split down the middle between the two. Rob wore a Cowboys shirt yesterday and cheered for them, that is the true test of a father's love in this house. He made it a great experience for Derek.
Happy New Year.


Anna said...

I am SO jealous! We are die hard Cowboys fans here. We listened to the entire game yesterday in the car on the way home from Dallas. What a fun experience! We went to one years ago, and have wanted to again soon. Dylan is so infatuated w/ football...he wouldn't know what to do if he actually got to go to a game.

Happy New Year!!