January 28, 2007

Captain Jack's Birthday Party

We celebrated Jack's birthday yesterday. This is the first year we have done separate parties for Jack and Sophie. One the weekend before the birthdate and one after. Jack's party was at our church and it was a pirate party. The kids were lead by my favorite Captain Rob on an expedition for treasure. They followed a treasure map to find the treasure waiting. Each treasure was part of their final pirate costume. They had a blast. I kept the numbers small, and that was probably a good thing as swords of the plastic variety were involved. The kids busted open a peg leg pirate pinata, searched for treasure, ate cake and ice cream, and best of all ran around the gym as fighting pirates. One of the boys mom's thought I had hired Rob as entertainment for the party. The party was almost over when she found our that he was Jack's dad. I love the picture of the kids where they are posing with their swords. I just said, "let me take a picture of you with your swords," and then they immediately got some serious action poses going on. It was a fun party and Jack said that he wants this exact same party until he is 13 years old. Sophie's party will be next week, so stay tuned for her party pictures.


Sarah said...

You are a sweet mom to do two birthday parties. I, too, love the sword picture. Awesome pirates!