January 20, 2007


We have been home a couple of days now. I was so glad to see Sophie and Derek. Derek asked all of us if Jack's tumor had grown, and Jack answered Derek verbatim as to what Doctor Bowers said, "yes, it has grown, but it is not quite the size of a grape yet." Both Derek and Sophie had sadness in their eyes when they heard the news. We are all staying in good spirits.
I really feel like the team of dr.'s that are working on Jack's case are the best we could hope for. When I asked Dr. Bower's what he would do if it was his son we were talking about, his eyes welled up with tears. One thing I LOVE about Jack's doctors at Children's is that they are real people, they are real with us and real with Jack. I didn't mean to bring tears to the doctor's eyes by any means, but I did want to know if he would take the risk of radiation as compared to the chemo if it was his child. After explaining some other things he answered my question and said that he would not be happy with the risks that are associated with radiation, but the benefits and possibilities would make him accept the risks along with it. He sat in the office with us for almost an hour and gave us his undivided attention, that is amazing care.
We still don't know what the board will recommend, and still assume that we will find out Thursday, but I am hopeful for any treatments that Jack will receive.
I told Rob, "just think, if Jack is prescribed radiation, he could be tumor free in a matter of months." I am praying that whatever road we travel that we are getting closer to having a healthy boy again.

All the days of this earth will be gone some day and my time on earth is but a whisp of dust. My hope is that I never lose sight of what is important and what will bless others and mostly bless my God. I am a warrior for Christ and defender of hope, I am never far away from a fall, but I know that if my hand holds the Sword of the Spirit, and my heart is humble and set in the Lord, I will look into the eyes of Jesus and He will be glad to look upon me. Mine eyes long for Your coming, but until You do, let me breathe in your goodness, strength and mercy and fight a good fight against the enemy.


Anna said...

Once again...your words have given me chills! (in a good way!!) Jack & his doctors are all in Gods hands..and what a comfort that is.

Scott & Sandy F said...

We love you guys and continue to pray.

Anonymous said...

You are in my prayers. The Lord is so faithful. Thank you for sharing Jack's story with strangers who have fallen in love with that precious soul.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your faith and your struggle. You guys are in our prayers.

Robert & Jenny Oglesby