January 03, 2007

Happy Birthday Judy

This is my 300th post. No big celebrations, no streamers, but thought I would pass on that tidbit of info! I have enjoyed reading several of my friends blogs that include 100 things about them. I am pondering the idea of doing that myself. But not today.
Last night we celebrated the birthday of my friend Judy. She is a wonderful friend full of wit and wisdom. She and her husband Tom are awesome friends to have. These are the kind of friends that tell you, show you, and help you become a better person. Their lives are awesome examples to me. Judy is after all the founder of our Women's Toilet Papering Ministry. We show we care with a couple rolls of toilet paper. Happy Birthday Judy.
Yesterday Sophie was blessed with several huge bags of clothes passed down from a little girl that is a couple years older than she is. As we were exploring the bags Sophie said, "I am the luckiest girl to be the Handy-Down Girl." She is smaller than most girls her size, and she has a wardrobe that has been for the most part made up of her friends "handy-downs". I didn't have the heart to tell her that the words were really Hand Me Downs, because when you think of it, they are quite handy. It was like Christmas all over again for her. She is such a sweet girl.
I am loving having my kids home for the holidays. They will be over too soon. Jack said today that the day of torture is coming soon, 2 things he said qualify for torture, 1. Going to School (he really likes it, he just likes to play misery often) 2. He also said that my voice, waking him up in the morning is torture. He just gets so mad to hear my voice, saying "Good Morning". I guess honesty is the best policy.
5 more days until the torture starts.


holly said...

Samanth get all of Ally's hand me downs and she thinks it's the best day when I bring all the boxes out. Ally just knows she's getting the raw end of things. I'm sure the tables will be turned when they are a little older.

Denise W said...

I am calling it the "Day of Freedom!" How much longer? Kenny is bored, bored, bored and just trying to get on my nerves! AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!

Meanwhile, please do the 100 posts. It's alot of work but fun for us to read...