January 17, 2007

MRI Today

Hello! O.K. it is not Thursday yet, but Wednesday about lunch time. We just returned from the hospital. Jack was spectacular during his MRI. He always does a great job, but today at the last minute we found out that he was going to need a "different" type of MRI, which requires a different head piece with NO movie screen available. Jack was still able to listen to Spongebob, and he held back those tears when he found out that he couldn't see the movie. Not a big deal, but he had been planning which movie he was going to watch during the MRI for 2 days, he is quite the planner. He recovered well from the kink in his movie watching plans and was perfectly still. I don't know exactly what was different in this MRI, I can only guess that it is an even more precise reading than the previous ones. The really loud banging, alarm going off in your head sound, screechingly loud, that normally comes and goes went for most of the time, probably about 30 of the 45 minutes. Needless to say I think all of our heads were throbbing when we left the room.
We went straight to the cafeteria as it was 11am by the time we finished up. The MRI actually started quite a bit later due to snow and bad roads here, and the lack of morning staff present at the hospital but it worked out.
We at lunch, Jack had his same lunch that he eats at the hospital every time. One ham and cheese on wheat, chips and 2 krispy creme donuts! And a large drink that he only filled half way and had no ice in it. I tried to convince him that he could have saved a bit of cash by getting a medium drink and filling it to the top, he was not in the least bit concerned and was just glad he had the biggest cup there was.
We stopped by the chaplin office to see if Jesse Stroup happened to be in the hospital, but he wasn't. He was one of our previous ministers that is now a chaplin in the area hospitals.
Now we are back at the Ronald McDonald House, and ready to hang out and play for the rest of the day. Last night the "Healing Hounds" came to visit the kids and Jack enjoyed petting the dogs. It is always fun to see the hospital dogs.
Tonight I think there is a hair salon that will come and give haircuts in the laundry room to whoever wants one. If they do come, I am hoping Jack will be their first customer, he is looking a bit shaggy at the moment, but cute as ever.
By the way the roads were great coming, all dry, no ice on the roads. The drive was beautiful, the trees and grass were covered in snow and ice for the first 2 hours of the trip, then things weren't quite so white anymore. The weather is supposed to be 35 tomorrow, so hopefully the roads will dry back up after all the snow and we will have a non eventful drive home.
I am grateful for all of the prayers. God has blessed me with a strength only He can give. I spent the time during the MRI sitting in a chair at Jack's feet reading my Bible, something I have neglected sorely in the last weeks. I can feel the fear creeping in, and until I stop and spend time in God's word, it only gets worse. God's word told me that He would hear my cries, and He would give me shelter, He will be faithful, all those things my head knows, but when my heart is dry from not being in his word they seem more distant. He heard my cries yesterday, you heard them too and prayed, and for that I am grateful, thank you.


Nicole said...

Still praying.

Denise W said...

Love you, man! I know that you can let go and let God hold your hand. He will be with you all though the results and the drive home.

Be safe.

shellie said...

We are praying for great results and a safe trip home for all of you.

Anna said...

So glad you made it there safely. I thought of you this morning & have kept you in my thoughts all day.

Sarah said...

Praying for safe and peaceful travels for you all! Isn't it true that the first way we know we have been away from His word too long is that fear? It's such a constant and such a contrast to the peace He brings. Praying that peace for you today.

Robyn said...

Still praying and waiting for you to return home safely! Robyn

judy said...

Love you and the family. I also love the way you can let go and let God. We are with you in prayer for Jack and your safe trip home.