January 26, 2007

Hello Mr. Telephone Man Is My Phone Working?

Torture I tell you, torture. In response to Sarah's comment, I do feel like a high schooler again, checking the phone to see if it has a dial tone, only this time it is not a boy, but a doctor I am wishing would call.

Have you ever seen When Harry Met Sally? If so, remember the part when Harry calls Sally to apologize and Sally wont pick up the phone and Harry says, you are either A. Still mad and don't want to talk to me. B. Stuck under your desk, desperately wanting to talk to me, but unable to free yourself from the large object on top of you. or C. Been kidnapped, still wishing desperately to talk to me but can't get to a phone. If the answer is B or C call me back.

This is the message I wanted to leave on the answering machine at the doctors office when I called about 20 minutes ago. Hi this is Jack's mom Tammy, please return my call, don't you know I am living with my telephone glued to my hip, and have been for the last day and a half. You have either not called me back because A. Your board meeting was rescheduled and are still waiting to talk to the other doctors. B. You had your board meeting, talked with the other doctors, and are waiting to hear back for some last minute details needed. C. You have talked to the other doctors, a decision was made, and you are waiting for the scheduling department to call you back as to when Jack's treatment will be scheduled, hence turning 2 phone calls into one. Or D. Have been captured by a pack of anxious mother's awaiting your call about their children, and they have bound you up and are not allowing you to call me back. If the answer is A, B or C, please call me and let me know that you are still working on a plan, but nothing is finalized yet. If the answer is D. Have one of the anxious mother's call me and I will be there to rescue you in record time, dressed as Jack Bauer.

But this is the message I really left, Hi this is Tammy, Jack's mom, just calling to see if there is any info on Jack's treatment plan. Please call me back when you can. click.

Back to thumb twidling and phone watching. Dial tone....check.


Anonymous said...

At least you are finding some humor...maybe the blog helps to find ways to make a bad situation into a tolerable one...know that we are all checking and urging those doctors to respond...they just aren't getting the ESP!!! ;>) MS

Sarah said...

Do you hear my heels and nails? Click-a, click-a, click-a,... maybe I need to call to see if a large desk fell on them and offer to lift it off of them. More likely, however, they are on their "we need a vacation because it's cold/snowy/rainy/ clear/ and/or Friday" break and will call you next Tuesday. I REALLY hope I'm wrong!