January 18, 2007


Hello friends and family. We are just cleaning up at the good old Ronald McDonald House and heading home. We had our visit with Dr. Bowers this morning and he told us that Jack's tumor has grown, the first MRI results were definately accurate, and in the last 2 months the tumor has continued to grow. So he said that we will be looking at starting treatment soon. The tumor board which is made up of radiologists, neurosurgeons, oncologists, and other docs will meet one week from today to discuss Jack's case. They will make their recommendation as to the next treatment. Dr. Bowers said he believes they will recommend radiation. I know that I have written here that he said they would hope to wait until Jack turns 10 before they used that option, but he believes that is the best course of action. The location of the tumor is in a place that has already completed it's growing, it is hard wired, there are minimal damage risks to Jack's intelligence, maybe a slight loss of IQ, he thinks between 2-5 points, which he said will not be a big deal because Jack is a smart boy.
Anyway the tumor board will meet next Thursday and Dr. Bowers will call us with the results from the meeting. He is hoping that Jack will start on treatment within the month. The treatments will be in Dallas. The radiation options are traditional radiation a 6 week long treatment, or the gamma knife or cyber knife, which are 1-3 time treatments and we would come home that same week I think.
Please be in prayer that the doctors will choose what is right for Jack.
Thanks for your prayers so far. God is faithful and so are you.
Heading home.....

We made it home safely. It rained on us most of the way but
no ice : )


Jana Hanner said...

We love all of you. And we will pray pray pray. Please be safe coming home.

shellie said...

Tammy - we will continue to pray for miracles. We are all so blessed by your faith!

Liz said...


I came upon your blog a few months ago and have been reading your updates on Jack. I am praying for him and your entire family. He sounds like a great kid.

Austin, TX

Robyn said...

Praying for healing, comfort and safe travels!!!!!

The Wertheims

holly said...

We will continue to pray for Jack and the rest of you. This is so hard for everyone. Love you.

Anna said...

Our prayers will continue for sweet little Jack...and for all of the people involved in the decision making process on his treatment.

Anonymous said...

We will be petitioning God on Jack's behalf and praying for strength for your family. Love you, Jacki

Denise W said...

Thank you, Father, for friends that provide a witness to your faithfulness. We pray that the Tumor Board makes decisions that you have already put into place.

We love all of you!

Lisa said...

Hmmm...not the news we were wanting to hear. I'm sorry!
I will pray what you request. I'm also praying for perseverance and strength - for those times when you don't feel like persevering. I'm just amazed, watching your family deal with this trial.
You are a source of real encouragement to me.
I loved the bit in your post about Jack's large soda. It made me smile!
Love you much!

Sarah said...

Thanks for updating us. Praying for effective treatment and continuous reminding of God's faithfulness. Love all of you!

Anonymous said...

We are praying for all of you.

Darla & Family

Nicole said...

I am so sorry Tammy. Jack and your whole family will continue to be prayed over in this house. Bailey and I sat and said a private prayer just for her 4 year old long lost friend Jack yesterday. We love ya'll!

jessica said...

Oh Tammy. I'm sorry. I love you guys and my prayers are with you.