December 18, 2007

2 Surgeries Completed and Back Home

We are home from Dallas. Jack had his strabismus surgery and his mediport removed this morning. The procedures went very well and the doctors were all pleased. Jack is feeling mis-er-able to say the least. Isn't it a bit crazy that you can have 2 eyes surgically worked on and have an incision made to remove a port and the nurses say to give him tylenol if he needs it for pain? Jack is laying motionless on the couch, with sunglasses on, and we hung sheets over the window curtains to keep as much light out of the living room as possible. He looks and feels pretty pathetic, but I think by tomorrow night he should be doing much better.
He hasn't opened his eyes at all since the surgery today, so I have no idea how they look, but I assume the doctor got a good look during the surgery and he thought it went well.

Once again Children's Medical Center in Dallas exceeded our expectations. The care was beyond spectacular and Jack was treated so well today. He missed the entertainment that biked their way through the waiting room, a clown called "Slappy" and her sidekick "Music."

The Ronald McDonald House was beautifully decorated for Christmas as well was the hospital. Both places were a sight to behold. I wish I would have taken my camera. My favorite decoration at the RMH was a Christmas Village that was based on Ronald McDonald. So fun and cute.

Last night they played bingo at the RMH and Elaine was the first winner of the night. She let Jack pick out the prize so he picked out a Spiderman Journal and pencils...sweet.

Thank you so much for your prayers, please keep lifting Jack to the Lord. Jack will be home the rest of the week so his Christmas vacation will be several days longer than the other kids.


Amber Joy said...

I am so glad to hear it all went well. Yet so sorry to hear Jack is feeling poorly. Thanks for keeping us posted. Always in my prayers.