December 20, 2007

He see's the light.

Thursday morning. Jack just opened his eyes with a full dose of lamaze breathing and his whole body was shaking. I was getting worried that the antibiotic drops were not doing their job because they weren't going all the way in to the eye past the swelling. Jack was assuring me they were, but he was so freaked out by me touching the area of his eye to try and open it that I think he would have told me anything just to leave him alone.
I told him this morning that if he could get his eyes open today that we could go see a movie tonight. The reward. After some more cleaning of around the eyes, he mustered up all of his courage and strength and opened his eyes. The good news is, the drops were keeping them healthy, no infection that I could see. The tough news is that his right eye has a large blood blister over the whites and it is not pretty. The possibility of such is on the sheet the doctor gave us and it says that it will heal and go away.
Jack will raise his sunglasses and say, "How does it look now?", and I say "Oh, well it looks like it is healing well." and then he says, "I don't think I need to look at my eyes in the mirror," and I tell him that is probably smart, and to just keep his sunglasses on.
He started getting very anxious last night and became pretty nauseated. This morning I gave him a Zofran to help him feel better. After he opened his eyes, he called Snickers our dog, and just wanted to look at her. Then he said he was glad he could see his own way to the bathroom, and see his presents on Christmas morning. Bless his heart.
I told him that he was very brave and that I was proud of him, and he said that he has done this before so he knows what to do. Bless him again.
He has seen the light at the end of the tunnel!


Anonymous said...

Good news that things are better for Jack. Our continued love and prayers. Bill & Glenda

Melissa said...

It's late on Thursday and I'm hoping that you were all able to go to a movie!

Linda said...

You are raising an amazing son.....God continues to give him just what he needs, doesn't he? Hope you got to go to the movie last night! Also, glad Jack can see his presents. Have a blessed Holiday season. Linda L.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family! We will continue our prayers. Darla & Family