December 21, 2007


We made it to the movies last night. Jack picked Alvin and the Chipmunks. It was really cute and fun. I wouldn't want to raise anyone's expectations, but the movie was fun for all. Jack is doing a bit better today. Today when we were at Hyperbaric I asked the woundcare doctor to take a look at his eyes to see if they were looking good, or if there was something else we needed to be doing. As bad as they look to me, he said that they looked good. I guess it is all relative. I exhaled a big exhale at that point. The fact that 3 hours after surgery we were on our way home and all the follow up care was left to yours truly is very HARD for me. Anyone that knows me knows that I have a very weak stomach. So I have been on the verge of nausea all week taking care of Jack's eyes. One of the nurses at the hospital said to me today that it seems to make it worse when it is your own child, and I disagreed and said that the only reason I can even get through it is because it is my child. Otherwise there is no way I could even stomach it at all.
Anyway to have someone who actually knows what they are looking at to give his eyes a once over was a blessing.
I think that Jack is a bit yucked out by it all because he has NO appetite at all. This morning I went by McDonalds and bought him a milkshake just so he would have something in his stomach. I don't think he has eaten a full meal combined all week. It could be that the steroid dosage is so low now that he is not driven to eat like before.

Because of the state of my stomach this week I can't even think about food and what to make for some gatherings coming up so I need you help.
I am trying to decide what to serve for Christmas lunch. We are having a traditional Polish meal on Christmas Eve, sometimes we will do mexican on Christmas day, or maybe a traditional turkey dinner. Tell me what you are serving so I can get some idea's. I also need some inspiration for some appetizer dishes, any help would be appreciated.
Enjoy your last shopping weekend before Christmas!


Sarah said...

I know exactly what you mean -- Riley's foot escapade gagged me so bad and it KILLED me to cinch that brace on his swollen, purple foot while he cried in pain. No, I could only do it for my child, and even then I have to do Lamaze breathing.

Christmas Eve we are having a "buffet" of finger foods -- think Judy's open house: chips, dips (homemade hot sauce, queso, etc.), veggies, more dips, fruit, yet another dip. And, at Troy's request -- shrimp. And of course something to dip it in!

Christmas Day we are having my angel hair pasta dish that my whole family loves -- pasta, veggies, lemon garlic butter sauce. YUM!

Becky K said...

I am doing a ham on Christmas. It is easy (no yucky cleaning). Left overs I put in eggs and have sandwiches, the bone goes in beans another day, it works great the whole way round. I think we are going to do dressing and sweet potatoes and an array of vegies.

You are very brave. I say that honestly and knowing I would probably break down crying everytime I say my child with blood in his eyes. I love you.

holly said...

We always have the big Turkey meal on Christmas. I'm having a little gathering hear tonight, and we are having a couple of different soups, and snadwiches.

Growing up we never had appetizers, but Patty always get one of those shrimp cocktails you get out of the freezer. It's always good.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that every Thanksgiving we read your steps to a happy Thanksgiving you did a year or so ago. It makes me laugh every time.


Beth said...

Years ago, because my dad was "turkeyed out" after Thanksgiving, we changed our Christmas dinner menu to steaks, baked potatoes, salad, & rolls! We brought that Tennessee tradition with us to Texas and the family here loves it too. Of course, we make lots of appetizers & "munchies" for Christmas Eve and enjoy those all Christmas Day as well, and have a big Christmas brunch at our house too, but dinner's easy & on the grill. Hope you have a wonderful, blessed Christmas with your sweet family!

Loree said...

Image 1280 gets my vote for the photo contest! Adorable!