December 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Derek, Jack, A Contest!

My oldest is 11 years old today. Not officially until 10:46 tonight, he says. He is a tender hearted boy, that is kind and full of energy. He has a love for arm bands, wrist bands, bicep bands, head bands, arm bands on his legs, all things sports, Chicago Bears, exercising, and has a pre-teen appetite.
I love him.


Jack is going back on daily doses of steroids today. He had that one morning of not being sick once I started him back on his Zantac daily, but since then he has been sick every day again. The dose is pretty low, so it isn't that big a deal, we were just all ready for him to be off. Patience.


This week I will be picking out some of my favorite images from 2007. I will probably do a wedding related category and an everything else category. I will run 2 separate slideshows for each and you can view them and pick your favorites. For all who enter I will submit their names in a drawing for either a $20 Target Gift Card or a $20 Itunes Gift Card. I can't wait to revisit some special moments and share them with you. Look for the contest to start next week or earlier.


Roxanne said...

My sister's birthday is today as well--and she's the eldest. I always took for granted that her b-day was the last day of the year. . .but it's a pretty cool day on which to be born. Happy birthday, Derek.