December 28, 2007

Jack's pretty blue eyes.

Friday morning. The end of a fun week. The days before Christmas are heated with anticipation, Christmas Day, exquisite, and then the days after peaceful and quiet. That has been our house, for the most part peaceful and quiet. Jack's eye's are doing much better, still red, but well on their way to recovery. He has woken up sick for 2 days now, once he is up for a while he is fine for the rest of the day. Not a good thing. I am waiting for his radiologists assistant to call me back about "the plan" as she called it. We could do an emergency MRI in Dallas, or we could just wait and see, who knows at this point. His appetite has dramatically decreased in the last 2 weeks. He might eat a partial meal and a small snack, like 2 slices of an apple each day and that is it. I assume that his body is reacting to the lack of steroid dosage and is starting to even itself out. Alot happening as far as changes this week with Jack. On the bright side he got a dashing new haircut yesterday. It was much needed! And he looks as cute as a button (don't tell him I said that).
Hendrick hospital has all their very cute Christmas decorations, plates, cookie jars....on sale for 75% off. FYI. Derek and I walked through there this morning and found some fun bargains. I assume it is in both of their gift shops but we went to the big one on the second floor.
I am grateful for all this year has brought us. I am blessed.


Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

Glad you had a good Christmas and my prayer is that y'all will have a very blessed 2008, Tammy!

Much love,