December 03, 2007

Lauren and Locks of Love

I Received this email today:

Ever since Lauren has known of Jack’s brain tumor, she has wanted to donate her hair to Locks of Love in honor of Jack. It took a while to grow, but yesterday was cutting day. Here are the photos. Love, Robyn

I know that there is someone who will be very happy with a beautiful head of hair thanks to Lauren's dedication. Thanks Lauren for thinking about Jack during this time!


Sarah said...

Well, that just makes me cry! And isn't she beautiful with her new, short hair -- must be the halo accessory!

Brandi said...

A halo indeed!

Her hair is so cute short and to be able to donate her locks in honor of someone she loves makes it even more special.

Amber Joy said...

Lauren, Yeah! Donating hair is sooo much fun! It reminds you everyday to just be patient with your long hair until that day when it's just long enough! Then, you get rewarded with a hair washing. Yesss!

Susan said...

Ahh, how special.

Your daughter is so beautiful, inside out...

Blessings to you and your family,