December 03, 2007

It is a Wonderful Life

If you need a smile on this cool Monday morning be sure and click over to Ira from the post below. Start your week of with a sweet blessing.
We are doing well, one of my friends said only 2 more Friday's in school before Christmas vacation. Christmas is coming up quick!
We had a great weekend, Saturday night we had Christmas movie night and I made some snacks (one of the recipe's is below) to go along with it. We watched Frosty and Rudolph, my kids are growing to the age where they think that Rudolph is a bit juvenile because it has the claymation, they would rather watch the 2nd Rudolph which is computer animation. I personally love the original Rudolph and find it a holiday must see atleast twice in December.
Now this week I will watch my most favorite movie for the Holiday's - It's a Wonderful Life and cry when Clarence get's his wings. I normally wrap gifts while I watch that for the second time, but the first it is just me, a hot beverage, my comfortable blanket throw and the movie. I don't however include my children in the watching of this movie because it is so not their speed, too slow and long for them. I however find it is most wonderful.
I hope that your week has some Christmas moments in it, for me my goal is to finish some work and get my Christmas cards in the mail. Wish me luck!

Easy Christmas Snack - White Chocolate Covered Popcorn

2 regular sized bags of Microwave Popcorn -

I have used all kinds, healthy, buttery, kettle I think my favorite is the Healthy Pop Kettle Corn - but any kind works great.

1 package of the White Chocolate Bark - comes in the ice cube shapes

Melt your chocolate - I melt it over the stove, but I am old fashioned that way.

Pop your popcorn and pour it into a very large bowl checking for unpopped kernals and throwing those away
(this is a very important step, but your unbroken teeth will thank you later)

Pour chocolate over popcorn and gently mix it around with a big spoon. For quick set up pour it out on a counter covered in wax paper, or if you have a bit more time it will set up in the bowl. Break apart the big chunks and it is ready to eat. Everyone loves this recipe and it is totally easy. One time I added m and m's in the mix, but it was too sweet for me, but I was thinking that peanuts might be a good addition. Enjoy.

No date on Jack's rescheduled surgery yet, and we are about to head up to HBO Therapy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy (and Rob), Debbie has been wanting to let you guys know about the info I am sending a web address for. There is a commercial they play frequently and this girl describes her condition and sounds exactly like Jack's. Anyway, they make it sound like it is only in Chicago but maybe this is very similar to what he has had there. Here is the address and have a wonderful Christmas. Tell Elaine and Tom hi from us. Love you all, Uncle Joe, Aunt Debbie and Joey