December 29, 2007


Saturday. Jack is feeling much better today. After talking with several docs yesterday (or actually their assistants) I put Jack on his stomach medicine with regular doses twice a day. When Jack just went to every other day with the steroids I also cut his stomach medicine because I thought that was what I was supposed to do. But apparently not, so he is back on that regularly and will stay on it for several weeks after the steroids are finished, which is Monday by the way:)))

So all is well here. We are having a family celebration of Derek's birthday tonight, I am preparing Frito Chilli Pie, one of Derek's favorites, and brownie sundae's with homemade hot fudge sauce for dessert. Derek is VERY excited.

I have found that when my kids are home it is harder for me to have my quiet time with the Lord. There is NO excuse, it is not like I can't just go to my bedroom, close the door, and open up my bible, but with different routines each day there has to be a commitment to put God first. This is my prayer today. Father God, draw me near to you, may I put nothing before You and my devotion to Your will for my life. Leave me with such unrest if I fail to fall to read Your Word every day, may it never fall on a hard heart, may I always be soft and humble for your direction.

The refreshment of God's word was so wonderful today. After not reading my bible for over a week I found today that it was hard to put down once I opened the burgundy leather cover. I am still thirsty for the Living Water that only Jesus can give.

Praise to Him in the Highest.


Amber Joy said...

I hope Jack's tummy medicine calms his stomach enough to bring him right back to his old self!

Praise Him! Amen.

Susan said...

Hi Tammy,

Just dropping by to say hi and wish you a Happy New Year!

So blessed to read you had a wonderful Christmas. I hope Jack starts feeling better soon.

Now, about that dessert, hmmmm, wish I lived closer, that is really tempting!

Blessings to your family.

Lindi said...

What a beautiful prayer. It's 11:42pm so I have a few minutes before this day ends and I will end it right. I'm going to open my bible and be refreshed. THANK YOU. Things have been understatedly crazy lately. Today I tackled everything on my list but I obviously didn't have my priorities straight. Again, thank you for your refreshing thoughts.