March 04, 2009

Books, Beth and Fear

Wednesday morning. Read The Five People You Meet In Heaven last night by Mitch Albom, it was one of my paperback swap books. I had already read it, but it had been several years so I read it again. I enjoyed it, it certainly made me think about minor insignificant happenings here on earth in a normal day and how they affect others around them.

I have a couple Henri Nouwen books in the wings to read, but I think I am going to read Same Kind Of Different As Me again first. Love that book. If you haven't read it yet, it is a very special book and I can't recommend it highly enough. Written by Ron Hall and Denver Moore. Here are some pics I took of them when they came to Abilene to speak at ACU. This truly was a highlight from last year for me.

U2's new album hit the shelves and itunes yesterday. I have listened to bits and pieces of it but haven't downloaded it yet. Anyone out there heard it yet?

Another great itunes link would be to the Esther Study by Beth Moore. Last weeks lesson was great, talked about overcoming your fears. One fear that seems to kick up a notch is when we become parents, we start to worry about our own health a bit more because we want to be healthy and alive to take care of our children, she addresses many kinds of fear, but this one had alot of head nodding in agreement. Man or woman this is a great listen. Beth Moore, Esther, Lesson 4, If You Remain Silent.

Speaking of bible study, Queen Esther is beckoning me to move on to what happens next in her saga. Have a great Wednesday.


Amber Joy said...

We are at the same lesson in the Esther study at Southeastern church here in Indy! I'm just loving it! I will miss it while I'm away on maternity... so I'm glad to know that I can hear her on itunes! Thanks, Tam! I'll get you pictures of my little one as soon as it arrives!