Spring Break 2009 Pictures

Monday morning. Got on Twitter this morning and everyone's posts were either not wanting to get out of bed, calling in tired to work...Spring Break is over and the school days start up again.

We had a great week last week. The highlights were the Ft. Worth Zoo and the Dallas Museum of Art to see the touring exhibit of King Tutenkhamen. We saw a couple of movies after we got back in town and hung out. It was a fun week.

Here are some pics of our trip to the Ft. Worth Zoo.

Here is Jack's body with the head of an eagle!!

All the cousins in the stagecoach. I had Jack wear these shooting glasses. His right eye doesn't close properly due to the facial paralysis and being outside for long periods of time really irritates his eye. We couldn't find his sunglasses for him to wear and I ran across these glasses in our laundry room, he was fine wearing them and they did a much better protecting his eye from the wind than regular sunglasses. Shooting glasses, the new must have accessory!

Right after we looked at the elephant all the kids gave us their best "elephant" impersonations.

A pretty waterfall in the Gorilla Kingdom.

Snakes creep me out. But I loved this picture because it shows the droplets of water on the snake. This snake laid right below the mister.

From the creepy snake to my favorite model for the day, this amazing little penguin. He loved that we were taken by his charm. At one point after we had been staring at him and taking pictures our attention was drawn away to look at something else for a moment, this little guy was bummed out that we weren't focused on him. He started waddling off to find someone else who would adore him, then we turned our attention back and he waddled right back to us so we could gaze upon his sprite demeanor some more. I think he would have loved to just give us all hugs and we would have hugged him back.

This is our favorite part of the zoo. The bird atrium. I took this picture through the fence, I loved it because I could see faces and anticipation of a bird on their food stick.

Here is Sophie holding a beautiful parakeet while the parakeet is snacking on the food. The zoo wasn't real crowded on the day we were there, so the birds were plenty happy to jump on the food we had for them.

Here is a mama lioness. There were 2 mama's and 3 baby cubs on this ledge.

As happy as the penguin was to have our eyes up on him. That was how unhappy this orangatun to have us even looking in his direction. He was leaning to the side scratching at the grass, then he looked at us and plopped himself over in the first picture. He took another look at us and in the next picture buried his head. He slightly reminded me of my kids when they were 2 years old. Man Diva attitude.

Here is a picture of Jack in a low tree. He was not happy with me about 5 minutes previous to this he wanted my cousin Michael to lift him in a tall tree. I put the kabash on that plan because Jack falling out of a tree in Ft. Worth was not on my to do list that day. His balance and grace has not necessarily come back since his tumor disappeared. Poor kid comes home with scratches and bangs everyday from p.e. and playground time. The kids had run ahead of us and when I turned the corner we entered an area that had a perfect lower branch that Jack was able to climb up on by himself. About 30 seconds before I took this pic Jack was unsure if he was going to get busted for climbing this tree. It was low enough that I was good with it, so he started taking full breaths again. This pic made me think of the 70's for some reason, maybe it's the tshirt, maybe it was Jack's glasses, but I gave it a look that continued the 70's hazey faded look.

This was my only pic of the Dallas Museum of Art. We weren't allowed to take pics in the exhibit, but here we were in the theatre waiting for the Egypt in 3D movie to start. We really enjoyed the exhibit. There were no mummies, the mummies always stay in Egypt, but there were pictures of the mummy several times through out the exhibit. The artifacts ranged from King Tut's relatives tombs, to the artifacts in his tomb. The artifacts were over 3000 years old. Amazing. My kids all enjoyed the museum, I would recommend if you go to get on line and buy your tickets early. There are timed admission entry for all tickets. We bought our tickets for 10am and had about a 20 second wait to be let in the exhibit. By the time we left the wait to get in was over an hour and that was with the timed ticket. They only let a certain amount of people in the exhibit at one time. The earlier you go the better.

We had a great week. Hope you did too!


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