March 20, 2009

W. Paul Young in Breckenridge (The Shack)

Denise just called me and told me that W. Paul Young is scheduled to speak at the United Methodist Church in Breckenridge on Monday, March 23.
Click here for info. I just loved this book and had the amazing opportunity to participate in a "bloggers phone conference" several months ago with Paul Young. I have heard him speak on you tube clips and really enjoyed him, some good friends of ours heard him speak at a home church conference and they thought he was a great speaker. Just wanted to let all the other non-newspaper reading people know this hot news.


Robin @ Heart of Wisdom said...

I love the Shack. It pains me to read the negative reviews -- some are actually outright lying about the contents. I wrote a review on my blog

There is a new book out "Finding God in The Shack" in response to the negative reviews. You can read 1st chap free

Caryn said...

He came to my church in Dallas, and he was incredible! It was an amazing experience!