Family, Landry and G.P.

Wednesday afternoon. Rob's sis and her kids have been in town all week. We have had a fun time with them, I have been staying up late and getting to work on the computer early to have time to hang out with them. Loved the rain we had today, of course in the 1 minute I was out in it, going from house to car I was pummeled with hail. As soon as the car door closed the hail stopped. It was funny.

Please keep praying for Landry Robinson and her family. She is at this moment in surgery having a mediport inserted and a shunt to help drain the fluid on her brain. They have a care page site that is open for all to get updates on so if you are not signed up for that yet and want to be you can go to . I love the name that Shannon her mom assigned her page. Each morning when Shannon would pick out Landry's school outfit, Landry would say "no mom, it is not fablious." She likes "fablious" outfits. Don't we all ; )


I am still thinking about William Paul Young's talk on Monday night. Excellent.


The Living Proof Ministry blog, a.k.a. Beth Moore'es blog posted about G.P. today. Yvonne hit it right on the nose. G.P. is from Kirk Franklin's song Stomp. Stands for God's Property and that is the name of the back up singers group. G.P. are you with me? Yvonne is SO with it!!


Please keep little Landry in your prayers!


Journeying said…
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I get here once every week or two and catch up. Your writings about The Shack encouraged me to read it, and then when at the ZOE worship conference last fall I went to the class that centered on it. I've spent some time at Paul Young's website, and I think it's really great that you were able not only to participate in the teleconference with him but to go hear him speak.
Like you, I am thankful to be in a different place than I used to be relative to religion and rules, but now and then those old, ingrained thoughts about rules do just pop into the mind.
Thank you for writing of the wonderful grace so freely poured on us.

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