March 23, 2009

W. Paul Young, Landry, G.P.

Monday morning.

Exciting day today, heading out with several friends tonight to Breckenridge to hear the author of the Shack, W. Paul Young speak tonight. I plan on taking my camera, so if I am allowed to use it I will post some pics here tomorrow.

We have Rob's sister and kiddo's in town this week and then his aunt and uncle along with their kids from Missouri in town starting on Friday. Good times.

Landry has made some strides over the last 24 hours. She no longer has the breathing tube in which is such a blessing. She is sitting up a bit more and her eyes have opened. Her mom wrote on the
Care Page site that she is not really focusing on anything, more like a blank stare. You can keep up with her progress on the Care Page site, it is open for anyone, you just need to register with Care Page if this is your first time to log in.

Seems like there are women everywhere who are currently studying Esther with Beth Moore. We watched lesson #6 this week in class. Beth frequently speaks to G.P. in this lesson, G.P. are you with me? Well after I watched it with the first group on Friday someone had googled wanting to know who G.P. was, several guesses, but nothing in stone. Well I am proud to say that I believe one of the very smart and knowledgeable women in my Sunday night study figured it out. G.P. comes from a Kirk Franklin song, of one of Beth's favorite singers. It stands for God's Property. My friend Yvonne figured it out and we briefly spoke about it during the video but didn't want to miss too much so we got back to listening. I meant to ask her the name of the artist and song to write for you here, but forgot when class was over. But for right now, mystery solved, G.P.=God's People. Shout out for Yvonne!!