Abilene's Got Talent

Ran by the mall tonight after a sitting and took my camera in because I knew that America's Got Talent was choosing 1 lucky and talented individual to represent our town. It was a fun to watch. If I didn't need to get home I would have sat around and just listened to and watched all the talented people performing. I heard 4 different performances and all were excellent.

This little girl sang Rollin' On The River in Tina Turner Fashion, she rocked the house. She had some hair flipping motion that got the crowd clapping and smiling. Her voice was great.

The man in this picture is one of the hosts and he is interviewing the contestant.

These girls had a great duet worked out. Had never heard the song before, but it was so cute and fun.

Speaking of America's Got Talent, this boy might have some talent, but he "ain't got no team," his jersey wont be hanging in shop windows for very much longer. I wonder who wants to invite the drama king into their team?


Eli said…
I enjoyed reading your post. Annaliese is my daughter and loves to sing. Here are a few of her performances that I posted on Youtube. She sang her first solo at the age of 5. She started off singing solos at church, but she has been singing since the age of 2.

Here is a few videos I posted on youtube for family and friends.


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