March 01, 2009

Marriage Simulcast - Excellent!

Rob and I went to the Focus on the Family's Simulcast Seminar on Marriage yesterday. One of the local churches in town hosted it. The speakers were all exceptional, and it was nice that there were several couples from our church there to sit with. There were 5 different speakers along with Jeremy Camp leading worship. The day was well worth the time spent.

Beth Moore was excellent. God has used Beth in so many women's lives through her bible studies. She is anointed in teaching, and truly loves scripture more than anyone I have ever witnessed. The woman is always on fire and full of great inspiration. I was surprised by her talk yesterday. As someone who has done all of her studies and who reads the LPM blog (Living Proof Live, Beth's Ministry), I knew that she had herself a "wild man." That is how she refers to her untamable husband, whom she loves and adores. Her talk was VERY transparent about her marriage. She told the crowd, most people have an idea in their head that all of us up here have lives that are perfectly put together, then she said that she is alone at church 3 out of 4 Sunday's a month. Her husband doesn't go to church with her on a regular basis, but he does have a powerful prayer life she said. Before Beth ever speaks her husband prays over her either in person or by phone if she is out of town. She spoke to the women in the crowd who have an "idea" of the "ideal" great marriage and they are just not satisfied and are not generally content with a "good" marriage, when did "good" cease to be "good" she asked. When did "good" become not good enough. Beth said she had a "good" marriage and that she would not focus on what she thought her husband should change, but on all the wonderful things he is.

She talked a bit about how baggage attracts baggage. If a woman tells her about how much baggage her husband has Beth will ask her about her own. The concluding point to that thought was that "a healed marriage can minister to many more people than a well one can." That is so true, I look around me to the couples who I know who have gone through serious issues, those healed marriages are such an inspiration to me.

The day was a lot of fun. Loved every minute of it.


Sharon said...

For some reason, it's one of the hardest things for us, as humans, even as Christians, to be truly open about those "serious issues," even after the healing, but if you see a truly good, even a great marriage, you are likely seeing one that has gone through healing, at least once. After such an occurrence, you realize your marriage can go through anything, because you, as a couple, have made the choice to go through "whatever comes" together, and then LIVED it.

It is my belief that there will always be something serious, if not going on at the moment, then just around any corner, for every marriage. If you see a truly happy, joyful marriage, you can bet it has been through the fires; maybe it's even going through the fires now, except it's with the confidence that no one is going anywhere; both are here to stay. That is the definition of love.