March 03, 2009

Mac Air - I am sorry I belittled you.

Technology is around me all the time, but I am not a natural at it for sure. I bought a Mac Air laptop last year on the spur of the moment to replace my dearly beloved macbookpro that was smashed by American Airlines. I was going to a lighting seminar and it was "highly recommended" to have a laptop. I jumped into the Mac Air because of its size. Granted with the work I do on the computer I need real power in the processor and all sorts of ram, but let the "fits in a manilla envelope" pull me in. I bought it and never really liked it, mainly because it wasn't as easy as 1,2,3 like my other macs were. Back to the not natural with technology. I bought a super drive for it, because I wanted to use it to hook up to the projector at church in our bible class room to show the video's for class. For months I didn't think it could do it, but I am here to say that it can. If I would have only read the stinkin' directions and opened the white packet containing the whatsa hoosits then I would have figured out how to make it work. Oy Vay. I put on my big girl britches last night and am trying to figure this Mac Air out. It is certainly not a computer I would do heavy editing work on, but it would be a great companion to travel with and as long as I keep all my images on a portable hard drive and not on the computer itself I think it will work for me. I am making it work. To my tiny little Mac Air...will you forgive me for saying such horrible things about you. You have sat lonely in my computer bag with me giving you the evil eye for months. But I am now singing a new song, you are paid for, you are as thin as an envelope, you and I can we be friends?