March 18, 2009

Friends, Brides, and Prayers

Thanks to Lauren's blog I know that I took pictures of her wedding day 375 days ago ; ) Lauren and Jeffrey are a fun couple to know. I love the post from today. Jeffrey is in medical school and Lauren is in dentistry school (is the the right name for the school when you are going to be a dentist?). This post is about the first time she removed staples from a prisoners face, a gang member who gave her some encouragement. Both Lauren and Jeffrey are witty writers, enjoy their blog.

Here is a picture of Lauren from her bridal pics that I took. This picture is blown up and on the wall in my studio.


Amber and Kent had their baby. Click on the link to get the full story from Amber's blog. Here is one of their wedding pictures from last year.


Another brain tumor in our school district. Right now we have on our prayer list a little boy named Ty who is in the 1st grade, as of yesterday we added a little girl named Landry who is in kindergarten. She was care flighted to Cook Hospital in Ft. Worth yesterday after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor yesterday.


My friend Amy called me yesterday to find out how to explain such a difficult thing to her daughter who was friends with Landry. I am sure that there are a lot of parents wondering how to help their children navigate through the illness of a friend. When Jack was diagnosed he was in kindergarten, Sophie was in kindergarten and Derek was 2nd grade. Child Life helped us immeasurably through the communication with our children, family and friends, young and old. Part of me didn't even want to talk about it with my kids, I know I would have, but it was such a painful time I couldn't even think of the right thing to say to myself let alone my children. Child Life told us that we have to be completely truthful with our children, explain it on their level, (i.e. a big ball of gunk in Jack's head), then explain what can be done...the doctors at Jack's hospital know what to do for Jack. They are very smart and they see kids like Jack all the time, so Jack is safe, and the best doctors are with him. I never told my kids that Jack would definately get better, but that we would pray for that, I did tell them that God was with us and that He was faithful and we could put our trust in God taking care of all of us each step of the way.

Very important to also not leave your kids wondering what is going on. Child life said that they will make up something even worse in their head, and especially with the way the kids talk at school, if your child doesn't have the truth they could believe something even worse. Many kids will also take the burden upon themselves, they did something wrong, they caused it is very important to let your kids know that no one caused this.

God's word was my Rock during that time of uncertainty, I lived ate and breathed the bible. I wrote down scriptures that spoke to the fears I was dealing with. I didn't want to let Satan steal my hope during that time. I did feel quite overwhelmed, but I could speak scripture or read it and remember to breathe again. Here are some pics of that first day for us.


Lauren Edwards said...

So glad that you like our blog! It's become quite a game for us to turn our "everyday tortures of school" into funny little stories that poke fun at ourselves and our inexperience. That bridal portrait brought back memories--what a fun day!