March 30, 2009

Recap, Texas Shopping, Derek's poor toenails and a couple of pics.

Monday night. Haven't had enough time to update lately. Our family is winding down their visit, one group leaves in the morning and the next Wednesday morning. All sorts of fun has been going on. There are some standard stores that my family (the women) like to go to when they visit, Friendze's, Under One Roof, Junk Warehouse, Zida's...some very Texas styled stores. Apparently Texas has a style all of it's own, whoda thunk it? And these places house such treasures that we take for granted, but those that travel from other states find that they have unique items to take back home with them, for themselves and as gifts. Our favorite place during this visit was Village Boutique. We all have Denise to thank for this, because for my birthday she bought me a lovely Charm Bracelet made by Brighton, then when the Coffee gals and I celebrated birthdays the other night all my darling friends added to my charm collection to help me fill my new charm bracelet. I was so excited to show my visiting family because I knew they would love to check out all the charms. I was right and we are all Brightoned now. Various charms on various pieces of jewelry, all lovely. I might take the time to shoot some pics of my charm bracelet to post on here some time. I just love it. I would also like to add I am not a real bracelet wearing kind of gal, they seem to get in the way, but I love this bracelet!

Our day started early today. Derek was scheduled for an 8am appt. to see a local podiatrist. He has been battling in grown toe nails for about 9 months now. He did not want to go to the doc to have them looked at so he was diligent in soaking and hydrogen peroxing and trying to self medicate. But the day finally came when I just had to make the appt., things were getting ugly quick. I broke the news to him last night and he knew it was time. So we went this morning and just loved the podiatrist, her name is Dr. Shelly Bruton. She was precious and sweet and as gentle as she could be. Both she and the nurse were astounded that Derek was functioning with his toenails the way they were, but they decided he has an unusually high pain tolerance, I thought he had an unusually high aversion to shots in his toes, but I kept that to myself. So after the doc checked out his toes she decided that he needed to not only have the ingrown part removed but the sides of the nail bed destroyed so the nail would not grow back on the sides and he would have no more problems. I was a little unsure about this procedure as I hadn't even considered it being done, but decided to just trust the docs opinion. During the numbing shots, which by the way they should invent numbing shots for the numbing shots, things were pretty rough. Derek did great blowing through the pain, for some reason that helps a little, and the first toe was numbed without too much hoopla, just a lot of breathing, panting and hand squeezing. The next toe, the shot must have really hit something weird because Derek quickly kicked his foot out while the needle was in it causing the needle to go ALL the way through his toe and out the other side. Yes you read that right. Apparently it is not unusual for that to happen, and didn't cause any trouble, just a great story for him to tell.

So we made it through and now he has two very large bandaged toes, the treatment now is just soaking twice a day for a month and putting some special ointment on it after he soaks it each time, along with some antibiotics to keep any infection away. I am just glad he doesn't have to ever go through that again.

Glad the procedure was done the way it was with the nail bed destruction, because apparently Derek would battle ingrown toenails regularly as the doc said she had never seen ingrown nails as ingrown as his and it would have been a continuing issue.

Jack had the numbing shots to remove an in grown toenail last year, he didn't have the nail bed procedure done though. There is more pain in that numbing shot than every procedure he had combined for his brain tumor, which is why Derek was not looking forward to having it done, as he had a very detailed account from his little brother on his experience.

In order to brighten up this post a bit I have enclosed a couple of pics of my sweet Derek holding his cousin Jake at the screen door at grandma's house, then a pic of Jake falling asleep in Derek's lap, and then the two big toes wrapped up tight today.


Anonymous said...

Tammy, Dr. Shelly Bruton is my Dr!
I just love. She is so kind and gentle. She explains everything to you in detail. Did you like her? She has helped me tremendously.I'm thankful Derek saw her. No shots!
Not good with those at all. :)Tell Derek he has a top notch Dr.

Donna Altman