August 18, 2008


Just saw an exert of the Rick Warren interview with Barak Obama and John McCain.
Rick Warren questioned each separately. When does a baby become viable during the pregnancy? When does he/she have rights?
Barak's response: "The answer to that is above my pay grade."
McCain's response: "At the moment of conception."

You wont see much about politics on my blog. Politics bring tension and tension causes me to be anxious, so I just don't enter into political conversation. I just try and make an informed decision and vote.
The fact that a possible future president will not answer a question directly about when a baby becomes a baby just shocked me.

Say what you believe and let the chips fall where they may.

You can find the entire interview on you tube.


Now back to your regularly scheduled programming....


Joanne Kennedy said...

I thought the same thing. In fact, I don't think he answered any question really. He just walked all around them and never said anything.

McCain answered straight away without any problem. Notice how he had so much time left over.

Guess who I'm voting for.


Anna said...

My thoughts exactly. I think Mccain did an incredible job, and never hesitated on any of his answers. I was so excited when I saw Rick Warren would be doing this interview with both of them. I think it was a definate boost for Mccain....Obama on the other hand. OUCH. Not good. Just the way I had hoped it would go. =)

Dee Andrews said...

I saw that excerpt on the news last night and the direct response by McCain just further cemented my thinking in voting this November.

I pray all the time about this election. May the Lord guide us all in this.


Becky K said...

I just cant believe some people actually want to vote for Obama. Amazing.

not-so-deep Denise said...

My first thought, "What a wuzz." Sticking w/it...