August 31, 2008

Tammy Goes Back To School

Labor Day. Rob is excited because he doesn't work tomorrow, the bakery is closed, the kids are out of school, and guess what, I am going back to school and my first day is Labor Day, so when my family is hanging out I will be learning. I am just auditing, so I am not actually responsible for tests and such, but I will reap the benefits of Christian Spiritual Formation being taught by Dr. David Wray for the bargain auditing price of $35 plus books, 6 books to be exact.
I am very excited, and nervous, I am so glad that Denise will be taking the class also. One of my college age friends said that I should just make a point to not be one of those kind of "old people" (thanks for that by the way) who raises their hand and asks the professor to re-explain what was just stated. I assured them that I would not be calling any attention to myself and will sit quiet as a mouse.

The written purpose of the class is:
This course primarily challenges graduate students to become alive with what we believe about Trinitarian living. It is the thoughtful and obedient cultivation of life as worship on our knees before God the Father, of life as sacrifice on our feet following God the Son, and of life as love embracing and being embraced by the community of God the Spirit.

Does that sound awesome or what??!! People come from all over the world to gain an education from Abilene Christian University and it is only 10 minutes away from my home. All the Bible related classes are available for audit and I am glad that I have finally taken the step to start partaking in the learning. Wish me luck on my first day.

We are still loving the word SPECTACULAR and flying high on Jack's latest and greatest results. Thank you Jesus.


Holly Packer said...

I hope your class goes well...Collin took it and said it was OUTSTANDING!! Blessings as you learn about new concepts and are challenged in new ways!!

Donna Ware said...

I hope you and Denise got new school outfits for the first day of school.

Also, a hint--don't text message in class. Those professors hate that.

Have fun and learn lots to share