August 13, 2008

Olympic Underwater Photography

Rob and I had a great anniversary doing what most other Americans are doing, watching the Olympics. It was a sweet day. I always tell Rob that all I want for my anniversary is a love poem. He always looks at me like I am from a foreign land. But yesterday he showed me what he was made of and wrote me numerous poems for our anniversary. He wrote different versions of anagrams. A couple were funny, a couple made me tear up. Words are such a gift.

Thankful heart
A sweet child of God
Mercy filled
You are a servant to all

I am thankful for my poems.

Has anyone wondered how they are getting all those cool underwater photographs? I thought maybe they had a scuba diver at the bottom of the pool with an underwater camera...I really had no clue.

I grabbed this from Vincent Laforet's blog. The article is called "Living in fear of the Pool Guy" and talks about the heirarchy of all the hundreds of photogs at the Olympics. Some have free reign because they are representing so many different people/companies/newspapers...Now you will know how they get those underwater shots. Click over to Vincent's blog, he is a Newsweek photographer. I tried to link the article directly but I have a linking problem, not a drinking problem, but a linking problem....


Jan and Tom's Place said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Blessings for many more happy and wonderful years together...