August 26, 2008

Adventures de Marcelain's

I finally downloaded my camera after a bit too long. Why don't I take you through the last month at our seen on my baby camera which I call my G9.
I went to Dallas to a photography seminar by David Jay. It was so nice to see a couple of friendly faces who I knew from a previous seminar in Orange County. That's me in the middle of course and Justin Wesbrooks on the left who lives in Amarillo with his wife and daughter. Then on the right is the infamous Kenny Kim who was touring with the bus as the official photog.

The date of the seminar couldn't have been planned better because just a mile away was Dallas Children's Hospital where I was to pick Jack up after his week at Camp Esperanza. Here he is coming out of the bus. He had a great time.

Then I came up with a new dessert that reminded me of something I ate one time during high school. I think it was hostess that made the larger powder sugar donuts and for a very brief stint they filled them with raspberry filling. I remember I was on my way to Rocky Point, Mexico with my friend Shannon and her family. Shannon had bought a box of these donuts to bring along and they were yummylicious. Never again did I see them. So I decided to make up my own version a couple of weeks ago. I bought the small powder sugar donuts then put a dollop of raspberry jam on top, think thumbprint cookie but donut style. They were very deelish.

Jack had a consult appt. with a doctor in Dallas about a week and a half ago. It was a very quick trip, but we made time to stop and eat on our way home at Pappadeaux in Ft. Worth. Here are the kids in front of the restaurant.

Last week the kids and I decided to spend the afternoon in Downtown Abilene. We at lunch at Bogey's, which Derek thought was totally fun that the entire menu was dedicated to Humphrey Bogart film names. Then ofcourse we went across the street to eat a pastry from McKay's Bakery. I do have to say that my kids felt like traitors eating at Bogey's the entire time. My husband works at McKay's Bakery and normally if we are downtown to eat lunch it is at McKay's. But Bogey's Countess sandwich was calling my name, sprouts and avocado...yum.

Then we headed to the 12th Armored Military Museum. Derek went with school last year and has mentioned at least 100 times that he wanted to go back. He loved leading the way and showing us around. I might post some additional pics of the museum later this week, it was cool. I love how my kids height is shown while they are sticking their heads up through the top of the tank, (or trying in Sophie's case).

Then there is our girls trip to San Antonio to hear the amazing Beth Moore bring the house down with her love for Jesus. She is so fun to see in person, she is even more animated and wild in person. Love her. Here is Sarah who was our wonderful driver, she made a sign for the car to remind us all to bring our wristbands for entry to the venue.

Here is a pic of Beth. We sat in the "bloggers Siesta Fiesta section" which was the first level above the floor. This pic is pretty far away, but there were big screens so we could see her up close.

After the Official Event was over the bloggers were invited to a question and answer session with Beth and her daughters Amanda (left) and Melissa (right). Both of her girls have a love for God's word and work for Beth and Lifeway.


richlyblessed said...

It was so great to get to see you again after such a long time. I am so glad you were at Beth's conference. Isn't she just the most awesome servant you've ever seen!!!! I love, love, love her.
The pictures are great, esp of the kids. What great looking kids they are.
Remember to give my love to Elaine.
I'll be reading all about you in the days to come.

not-so-deep Denise said...

Is that all the pix you have?! I want to see more of our weekend.....