August 09, 2008

Update on Brendon

Thanks for praying for Brendon Coates. I talked with his mom yesterday and she told me that Brendon has been having numerous seizures. They come right after he is given his dexamethasone which is a steroid that keeps the swelling in his brain down to alleviate headaches. The doctors decided to take him of the dex, which is a weaning process as with any type of steroid. So he should be off after tomorrow. One of the side affects of dex is that it can cause seizures.
Brendon is non-reactive and has not spoken in about 4 days. Brendon's mom said she wanted him to be in water again, so with the o.k. of hospice she held Brendon in the bathtub and just let him be in the water for a while.
Brendon is a precious 5 year old, his pictures are all over the house and in his room, big smiles and life shining through his eyes.

I haven't told a wonderful story about Allison on the blog. Allison has been raising Brendon by herself for many of his 5 years. They were like two peas in a pod. Last year Allison and Tony met and fell in love. Tony has a 5 year old daughter. They decided to be married later this year. Brendon talked about wanting to be a part of the wedding, the ring bearer. When Brendon's cancer came back with a vengeance this year, Allison and Tony decided to move the wedding up. So just over one month ago Allison and Tony were married. Brendon was able to be a part of the ceremony along with Tony's daughter who was the flower girl.
My friend Deborah and I went over to pray with Allison and Tony on Wednesday night. Deborah told me that God showed her that Tony has a Warrior's Heart. And I say to that, yes and amen. Any man who would willingly walk through this time IS a warrior. His shoulder is the perfect height for Allison to lean her head on, his hand is there for her to hold, his heart is large enough for his sweet daughter, his bride and sweet Brendon. His smile brings warmth and hope to those around him.
Allison has been an outstanding mom and caregiver for Brendon for years. I am just glad she has her warrior to stand by her side, and be willing to fight with her through this earthly battle.
The Lord shone bright on this family to bring them all together.
Brendon is still a fighter, he still has family, friends, and strangers praying for him. This story is not over, but we know that no matter how it ends, the most important battle has been won, Jesus is our King. Our hope is everlasting.


Rene said...

They are a sweet family. I enjoyed getting to pray with them yesterday when I took supper over. Thanks for introducing me to this sweet family.


Jan and Tom's Place said...

Thanks for sharing this Tammy. I will share it with my family of bloggers who are praying for Brendon.


Julie Adams said...

It's so hard to understand someone that young going through so much pain. I do see where God put more love in Allison's life with the addition of two new family members... not that we can ever replace love, but God seems to never slam doors in our face. I am having trouble coming to terms with the fact this young boy has been on the earth for such a short period of time and he is facing so many obstacles... It's hard to just plead with God for understanding.

On a happy note - I have a good friend who I met when she was cheering at Texas Tech - she, her sister and mother are all getting baptized together tomorrow! I always assumed she was a Christian - sweet, seemingly perfect, but she only lately truly came to know Him...Proving no matter what age... He works...