August 03, 2008

The Shack / Bloggers Conference Link

Here is the link to the podcast of the "blogger's phone conference" with William P. Young, the author of The Shack. The interview is about 35 minutes long. Full of good info and interesting facts. I will try and link it but here is the web address just incase it doesn't work. (can't link it for some reason, so you can just cut and paste the link)

Here are the website addresses of the other bloggers who are on the podcast.
Camy Tang:
Cara Putman:
Christy Lockstein:
Gretchen Geyer:
Jill Hart:
Joe Wikert:
Leslie Sowell:
Natalie Nyquist:
Nicole Petrino-Salter:
Patti Chadwick:
Patrick Sullivan, Jr.:
Peggy Phifer:
Shawnee Goodnight:
Tammy Marcelain:
Ted Reyes:


Robin @ Heart of Wisdom said...

I wrote a lengthy review on "The Shack" addressing the controversies.

Bottom line- If the focus of your faith is a relationship with God The Shack will be wonderful. If your focus is on legalism, then The Shack will disappoint.

I like the over all theme that takes God out o the box--Don't worry about yesterday or fret over tomorrow. Enjoy God now. He has it all in control. Surrender to Christ and walk in joy.

BLOG CONTEST: I'm giving away 3 copies of The Shack on my blog. Pop over and add your comment to enter.