August 07, 2008

Derek ; ) Baptized today.

Derek was born again, today August 7th, 2008. He was SO excited! We all were. He asked me before we went up to ACU if I was excited and nervous before I got baptized. I said I was. It is the biggest and most important decision of his life, he will be a new creation. God's Spirit has now taken up residence in him and each day He has the gift of a Mighty Counselor to guide him in his journey. I am so blessed by my son, he is truly filled with kindness and love for others. Children and babies love him, he loves them, he can talk to anyone, he can make all of us laugh at the drop of the hat, and on top of that he knows everything there is to know about football. This is a great day for Rob and I, all three of our kids now have decided to follow Jesus by asking Him into their hearts and following in Jesus' example to be baptized, to die to self and live for Jesus. In this I rejoice.

My Uncle Phil and Aunt Sue with Derek

My grandfather, Derek's great-grandfather and Derek

This is Jacob's Dream at Abilene Christian University

Rob reading from scripture.

Rob baptizing Derek

Here is Derek, and alot of our family.

Derek's First Communion. After Derek was baptized we came home and took communion as a family. The little blue cup with the grape juice (or fruit of the vine, however you would like to say it) belonged to my Nana. She would have cried and rejoiced right along with us today if she were here. I imagine the Lord told her all about it.

Here are a couple of pics of my sweet grandfather. He has always been an awesome example of great character and love for others. He really doesn't care for his picture made. He was gracious enough to stand still long enough for me to grab a shot with him by the cross.


Nic Mount said...

awesome, tammy! we are thrilled.

Anonymous said...

Tammy, we can't decide which is the best picture...we know which is the best action...but that picture with your precious GRANDfather is such a testimony to your whole family.

Derek, it is great to have you as our brother. Foy and Mary Sue

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I am thrilled to have Derek as my brother in Christ. Derek,God bless you as you begin your walk with God,and grow in Christ. Precious moment for you family, but VERY PRECIOUS to God.
Donna Altman

Sarah said...

SO happy to have a new brother! Praises!

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Very heart-warming, Tammy, to have another one added to the Kingdom!!

~Blessings Derek!!


Cindy said...

Praise God. I know you are so proud of Derek. I remember that feeling as a mom watching your child give their life to the Lord.
Thank-you to your family for the blessing you are to my children in Abilene.
Love, Cindy

Rene said...

YEAH God!!!!!!!! What awesome news that we have a new brother in Christ! Love the pictures.


Donna Ware said...

Phil and I are so thrilled with Derek's decision! I loved the pictures and what a special place to have his baptism.

As moms, these are the memories we treasure in our hearts. You will always remember this day as will Derek. Hey, I have a new brother!!


Susan said...


We are thrilled for you and your family! Derek has had a beautiful example set for him through you and Rob. God's richest blessings on you all.

The photos are so touching. Thank you for sharing this incredible news.

Love you, Susan

Julie Adams said...

Your pictures brought me to tears. It is the emotion behind the photos! Kudos to Derek for following Jesus.

I have been praying for your young friend, Brendan. I sometimes don't know the words, but I just pray for his family and for him.

Someone questioned to me the other day if people just float away or if there is a Heaven. This really bothered me... I didn't like the thought of questioning it. Thank you for always bringing me back to LIFE where I know Christ lives in my heart!

not-so-deep Denise said...

What a wonderful day! Blessings on your family and
Love ya man! for Derek.

Loving that shot of your grandfather at the cross.....

ChristyCate said...

WooHoooooo, Derek! Welcome to the family, bro!

Thanks for sharing the pictures, Tammy... Tears came to my eyes when seeing your grandfather.... oh the memories of my own that shot evokes.

Love you all!

Dee Andrews said...

I'm very happy to hear about your son's baptism and to see the lovely pictures, Tammy.

What a beautiful and inspiring place to become a child of God in baptism!

Much love to you all today!


sarah's dad said...

Mignon and I send our heartiest congratulations to your family, and our welcome to our new brother.

You once again paid the price for being the photographer - you aren't in any of those wonderful pictures!

A truly heart-warming post.

Scott & Sandy said...

What a great Christian man he is going to turn out to be! With great parents modeling Christ for him and the Holy Spirit breathing gifts and discernment in him, he will do great things in this world! We join you and the angels in celebrating!