August 14, 2008

Plastic Surgery, Book Review and Olympic Pics

Sarah and I had a great time as guest speakers at Wesley Court giving a review on the book, Same Kind of Different as Me. We loved sharing our favorite quotes from the book and our own reviews. Only one person in the audience had read the book so far, I hope that we sparked the interest for some more to pick it up and read it. I don't know what the dynamics are when you live in a retirement home, do you just run out to Lifeway and buy it off the shelf? Or do you wait for the little downstairs gift shop to stock it?
I guess the big news for our family is we are heading into Dallas at some point to take Jack to his plastic surgery consult visit in the morning. The surgeon will assess Jack's face and decide if he is a candidate for surgery to move some muscles and tendons around in his face that would give him the ability through speech therapy to use the right side of his face. Please pray for our safe trip and for Jack. The Dr.'s name is Dr. Ha, like in, "Ha! I fooled you."
We finish up our ladies Sunday night Bible study this Sunday. Discerning God's Voice by Priscilla Shirer. The subject matter drew women in with record numbers, but the most important thing is that it touched hearts and the Lord drew us closer to Him. Wonderful study.
Marcelain Photography, that is me, will be the featured artist in the Cockerell Galleries, Thursday, September 11. 1133 N. 2nd. My office space is located in the Cockerell Galleries and each month they feature one artist from the gallery, September it will be me. So if you haven't come out to Artwalk lately, or you are a regular, be sure and visit us on the 2nd level in the Cockerell Building. Artwalk is always the 2nd Thursday of each month, but my images will be on display until the following Artwalk, so feel free just to come by and look around later in the month if you can't make it to Artwalk.
I enjoyed the article yesterday on "Living in Fear of the Pool Guy," by Vincent Laforet, talking about underwater Olympic photography. You can find the link on yesterday's post. Another one of the photographer's who is keeping up with Newsweek's blog on the Olympics is Donald Miralle. His posts are full of unique angles and great images. It is like art meeting sports photography. Enjoy a couple of shots I have of his below, then to see more you can click over to his Newsweek Blog
Click on his name on the sidebar once you get to the Newsweek Blog.


Susan said...

Thank you for coming to Wesley Court to do the book review. Our Activities Director has stocked the store at our campus with the book. Got one today, myself! We've heard lots of good comments about "how precious you and Sarah are!" But, of course!

Thank you again! So sorry I couldn't sit in on it.

not-so-deep Denise said...

Clicked over to the photo blog and ended up seeing lots of cool images! Went here, there, and everywhere....