August 03, 2008

Hug Raid

One of the crazy fun activities that Jack did last week at camp was called a hug raid. Remember this is a camp that is for kids who have had or are currently battling cancer, so it is all about bringing joy. 2 different times the boy's counselors would lead the boys in Jack's cabin (about 10 boys) into the girls cabin. They would all hide and wait for the girls to come in. When the girls would come in to the cabin the boys would jump out at them then give them each a present and a hug, then head on back to their own cabins. How sweet is that?

So far Jack said that the Zip Line was his favorite thing, but he talked a lot about pillow fight championships, that he missed out on by "that much." He came home with a great medal for participating in the week, and some fun memorabilia, like a pillow case and army bag all with Camp Esperanza on them. He swam, rode horses, fished, cooked, played, mixed martial arts, pillow fights, flour tower, and a big party the night before they came home. Flour tower is a game where they mound up flour and then put a marshmallow on top. Without your hands you have to reach down and grab the mallow with your mouth. And if the mallow falls into the flour tower you have to dig into the flour with your face to get to it. His camp shirt was covered in paste consisting of the flour and the water used to wash off the flour from his face, so I guess he had to dig around a bit. He did say that flour tastes much worse than it looks. ; )

My boy is home and we are all glad to have Jack's presence back. We missed him terribly and many times through the day would try and guess what he was doing. Welcome back Jack.

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