August 16, 2008

Book Review - 90 Minutes In Heaven

I started 90 Minutes in Heaven late last night. Thanks to the rip-roaring storm that came through Abilene this morning I started reading again at about 4am. It was a good read. The reviews on this book are mixed, some people I think only want to hear about heaven in this book and feel misled when it goes into Don Pipers Heaven experience then into his recovery. I didn't feel like that at all. This book is a memoir of Don Piper's life over the course of several years.
I was visiting in a bible class a couple of weeks ago and one of the women had heard Mr. Piper speak the day previously and spoke highly of him and his book. I thought it was worth a read, so I picked it up at Lifeway. This book confirmed to me much of what was written in the book called "Heaven," written by Randy Allcorn. Randy's book was a scripturally based book on heaven, what the bible says about it. Many of us get the whole living in the clouds picture in our minds when we hear the word heaven, which Randy says comes from Roman mythology. Both of these books talk about heaven being a real place.
I love how Don Piper was so open (maybe reluctantly at first) to share his own weaknesses while recovering. Who after all would want to stay put in a body that is in excruciating pain 24 hours a day for months and years when they had seen Glory. He couldn't understand why God would allow him to see heaven then come back in a broken body, he really wished he would have been allowed to stay in heaven. But God had different plans for him, in his own pain, he would comfort others. He would lead others to Christ through his own experience with suffering.
When he was describing heaven I knew before he even made the point in the book, it is impossible to describe heaven in earthly words. There is just no way we can comprehend or even imagine the glory that awaits us. But his attempt to put words on paper to share with others his experience will just have to do until we get to see it for ourselves.


Sarah said...

I LOVED this book, too. Gave it to Troy last Christmas and I think I read it before he did! :-) I'm with him, though -- if I get to TASTE heaven, I don't think I want to come back!