May 02, 2005

From Tammy

We were moved from the icu today to the 9th floor. They are known as the brain floor, they wear fleece jackets that say "brain team" on them. There is a picture of the brain on the back, and the brain has 2 dangly eyes hanging from it.

Jack is still working through some stuff, the docs say this can last 3-4 days or 6-8 weeks, but it appears at this time Jack does not have control over alot of his face. He keeps his eyes almost closed (I miss his eyes) and can't speak at this time. He was able to get that pesky old tongue in his mouth to stay last night. Swelling has gone down completely. Speech therapy was in today and he gets pretty mad when ever he sees a new face walk in the door to poke, prod, ... but the therapist was able to start assessing his capabilities at this time. The part that is Jack in his brain is working great. The part that helps him get that out, by speaking or motioning or moving around is not working. Everyone says that he will regain all of that, but it will take an undetermined amount of time.

My prayer for Jack today are that: His brain gets back to normal sooner than later. They will try and feed him real food in the next 48 hours I think. So that will be something to look forward to.
I also pray that he is comforted, because he can not talk, he is so frustrated. He gets real angry. I don't blame him a bit. I would be the same way.
Pray that Jack finds his voice.
The tube that drains the spinal fluid from his brain has been closed for about 36 hours as of now, they did a cat scan, and decided not to remove the tube from his head just yet. Some of the spaces that were storing the extra spinal fluid on the top of his brain, have not done yet what they need to do. I am not disappointed about this, because his numbers have been great on the brain pressure, and I hope that in the next 3 or 4 days things should work themselves out.One of the nurse practitioners said that this blog was a great way for me to chart Jack's progress. Just when I think that there is so much in front of us, I can look back and see how far we have come.
I pray for continued perspective like that, because it is overwhelming at times for us all. I am in constant prayer for Jack, I take comfort that so many others are to. I am continually grateful for the love and praying that you all are doing. Jack has alot of friends, he has never met a stranger, and he has a kindness for everyone. May God bless him with all that and immeasurably more.
IN HIM,Tammy
p.s. Last but not least, thank you Sarah, Karene, Denise and Jana for making the trek to Dallas today. It blessed us all so.
5/2/2005 7:29 PM


Sarah said...

I must, must, MUST get a 'Brain Team' jacket!! I am SO sorry we missed seeing those today. You just have to love brain people -- obviously with a great sense of humor!

We love you so!

dixie mcleod said...

just a note to assure you prayers continue in Beaumont, Tx and with the Christ Covenant Church family. You are being lifted as well in prayer for strength, a sense of humor and when you do sleep--real rest!! We love y'all!!!We will pray the prayers you have very specifically requested ---may you FEEL those prayers and HIS power!
dixie and tom

Paula Papponi said...

Dear Rob and Family,

Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with all of you, and especially your precious Jack. God is infinitely merciful, and He is with you through this ordeal. May He Bless you always.
With love and fondest memories,
Paula Papponi

Shellie said...

Praise God for answered prayers! It is great to hear Jack is with the "brain team" now. Thank you so much Tammy for giving us specific needs to pray for.

Many, many prayers will continue to be lifted up for Jack and all of his family.
Shellie & Craig

Cari Gililland said...

This must be so hard for you. I can't even read your updates without crying. It sure is humbling. I am truly sorry that things like this have to happen, especially to children. We love you and please know that if you need anything you just have to call.


Boone Family said...

I'm so thankful that Jack has been moved to be with the "brain team" and other "brain people"! How cool is that?!

We will keep sending those prayers up to Heaven! I know Jack wants full control over his body, just like it was before. It must be difficult to watch his frustration. You are demonstrating such faith and patience through this whole process. God is giving you what you need to handle each new challenge.

We pray for a better day tomorrow. Get your rest and continue to love and lean on one another.

We love you!
James, Teri, Brittany and Ashlee

Anonymous said...

When I first heard of Jack having a tumor my first instinct was to fly from Arizona to Texas to be with Tammy and Rob for support. Due to things out of my control I was unable to do that. Through reading the things on this site and reading all the wonderful things people have written I realize what a great support group they already have. They are blessed to have such great people in their lives and I thank all of you for doing what you do not from obligation but out of love. So thank you.

Becky (Tammy's sister)

Anonymous said...

Praise God you are out of the icu! That is great news! Andrew prayed for Jack throughout the day. I wonder how many times God has heard a child's prayer for Jack today - must be atleast a million! I wish you could have seen the crowd of children huddled around the table with their markers and stickers writing notes to Jack, Sophie and D.J. Sunday after church. God is hearing all those prayers! May the Lord bless you and keep you.
Shaun and Emily Burrow

Pat White said...

It was great to hear the news today dear ones. God continues to answer prayers and is in control. I remember that Tammy said that JACK, like all of us, is fearfully and wonderfully made. God knows JACK and the rest of us intimately. What is important to remember is that God is listening and working on JACK right now. We must maintain our deep faith in God and His power to heal.

It is a pleasure and joy to raise yet another prayer to the father on behalf o JACK and his family.

God, Abba Father

JACK’S mother specified what she wanted us to pray for. Hear O Lord, all our prayers.

1) Heal and bring JACK’S brain back to normal soon. His mother longs to see her son eat real food in the coming days.

2) Comfort Jack now while he does not talk. Soothe his frustration and grant him a sense of peace and well being.

3) Grant JACK the ability to regain his voice; may he receptive to the help that he is receiving from the speech therapist. May the time pass quickly and he experience success in expressing himself in his old JACK ways.

4) Allow Tammy and Rob to have a clear vision of what has happened and is happening each day. Help them to look to the future with hope. Grant them strength as they face the future knowing that you are in control.

In the name of our savior, AMEN

I look forward to seeing your sweet family at church. Know you are loved and dear to so many.

Love and blessings

Pat White

PS Thank God for the BRAIN TEAM.

Anonymous said...

Tammy, I continue to pray for your family and for Jack. It DOES sound like he has made great progress but as a speech pathologist I can only imagine what it must be like for sweet Jack not to TALK!!! I will pray specifically for his yacker tracker to start working again!!!! I know the SLP's will give hime the best therapy!!! I also pray that God will continue to give you the strength to get through this period.

Allison Winters

the Jennings' said...

Good morning! That is great news. You are always relieved to make some progress. I just wanted you to know that my mom had side effects after her surgery, too. Her eye would not close. I also think I told you that she lost the hearing in her left ear because the tumor was wrapped around her auditory nerve. She also has had some paralysis on the left side of her face. The good news is this: All of that (even the hearing through hearing aid technology that throws the sound to the other side of her ear) has gotten better. So, please take heart, it will get better - it's just so hard to watch your loved one hurt physically and emotionally after something like this. We learned to laugh at things like the fact that she can only cry out of one eye now. If you can't laugh at the hard stuff, you spend all your time crying, huh? I think each person moves at their own rate of healing, also. We will pray for your specific prayers to be answered and for you to find some things to laugh about this week!
In Him,
Shane, M.C., Morgan and Zach

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Jack is out of ICU. I sure miss all of you. Dad and Mom will be by to see you this week. I sure wish I could be there also, but I am with you in spirit. Many hugs and kisses for Jack, Tammy, Rob and Elaine. May God continue to bless you with strength and bless Jack with continued progress as he heals.


Kevin Wright said...

Dear Jack:

it is hard for a guy like myself to know what to say to a little fella like yourself....when you are someone i don't know, have never met or seen a picture of before today. but, from what i can understand from all the messages and prayers, there is one thing that is very are a very special son to your parents and grandson to your grand dad, Robert.

you are in my thoughts big guy....have faith in the knowledge that you will make a full recovery....there is just too much positive thought that is rooting for you, for it to be otherwise.

get well soon

kevin wright
south africa

Scott & Sandy Ferguson said...

Out of ICU -- that is a HUGE step of progress! That means the doctors feel very optimistic -- remember that during the frustration of watching sweet Jack struggle and when thinking this will never end. This will end soon enough and Jack will be back laughing and leaping and blessing everyone around him! (Of course, he may not be laughing and leaping right now but he sure is still blessing everyone).

We continue to pray and He continues to listen. Hallelujah!

M & K Gililland said...

We are glad to hear that you have been moved to a normal room! We praise God for being with you and touching you with His healing.

It was such a blessing to for us all to be able to come up and see Jack, Tammy, Rob, Elaine & Tom! DJ and Sophie also showed their love and support for their brother. (DJ didn't want to leave his brother, Jack - he wanted to stay with Jack until he came back home). The Lord has truly been witnessing to us all through Tammy and Rob (and Elaine & Tom) - your constant love, support, faith & steadfastness is blessing us all. The Lord has been your Rock and you have been leaning on Him, therefore - you will not be shaken! While you are heros to us in Dallas, Tamara is also a hero back in Abilene as she takes care of DJ & Sophie - she is doing a wonderful job! We love you and are proud of you - we are blessed to be a part of your family!

We all assure you that the prayers are continuing. You have a great army of "pray-ers" (all of the world!) that will continue to lift you and Jack before the Lord until we see the complete victory.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for your continued presence and healing for Jack. Thank you for each victory along the way (removing what doesn't belong in the brain, moving him out of ICU, healing his tongue, stablizing the fluid pressure in the brain, showing us more and more glipses of the Jack we know through his hand signs, etc.) Please bless Jack with peace, patience, and let him really feel your presence so he will not be afraid or frustrated. Please bless him to be able to eat solid food and make this transition smooth. Thank you that we can have confidence in you as you continue to work through the doctors, nurses, medicine and directly to make Jack whole. Thank you for the peace the truly surpasses all comprehension - esp. for Tammy, Rob, Elaine, Tom and the whole family. Please cover them and surround them with your shield of protection.
In Jesus Name, Amen

Anonymous said...

Marcelain Family - It was great to hear that Jack has been moved from ICU! We are continuing to pray, as well as several prayer groups at Zion Lutheran, for Jack and the entire Marcelain Family.

This morning while driving Shelby to school I noticed she was blowing kisses out her window - I asked her about this and her reply was "I'm sending Jack get well kisses". Boy did I tear up!

Thank you so much for keeping us updated on Jack's progress. I check this site many, many times each day praying for good news.

Please let me know if you need anything at all.

We love all of you,

Darla & Sam Wohlers & Family

Anonymous said...

Tammy says-
Today is Tuesday, Jack just had another cat scan. Don't know any results on it yet. He still has great readings on all of his statistics..heart, O2, Brain, breathing...We are encouraged. This morning the music therapy rep. named Shea stopped by to help Jack work out some frustration. He loved it. He didn't want to play an instrument today, but he had his own band, all of us in the room. The music therapist had a beautiful voice and played her guitar and sang a couple of songs. It soothed him, and he has been sleeping ever since.
Thanks for all of your comments and prayers. It is therapy for Rob, Elaine, and I, to read what you are saying. Feelings of isolation when you are living in a hospital are common a nurse told us, but we haven't felt that at all because we can read words from all of you Jack fans out there.
Love, Tammy

Anonymous said...

Bless Jack. . .the brain is such an intricate thing--amazing that it and he are so resilient. And what an awesome God we have who provides things as simple as music to soothe the troubled soul and provide peace and sleep.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear about the music therapy! What a wonderful place, where folks know how healing music can be to a very, very frustrated little boy. My heart has been particularly heavy since reading about Jack's inability to speak and how frustrating and upsetting this is for him. He's dealing with so much, and we all know how helpful it is to be able to talk about what we're feeling. Knowing that the music lifted his spirits lifts mine! Thank you so much, Tammy, for sharing that news. - Gay

Our good and loving Father, thank you for providing these creative people who have offered music to Jack. Thank you that this has given him some peace. Please be with Jack and help him to find expression by being a part of the music. And please continue to send creative ideas to his caregivers so that they can offer just the right avenues for giving him some control, ways to interact with his circumstances. Especially, emerse him, flood him with a powerful sense of the hope and confidence that your love and presence and healing bring. We offer you praise in the name of your Son.