May 03, 2005

Tuesday a.m.

Today is Tuesday, Jack just had another cat scan. Don't know any results on it yet. He still has great readings on all of his statistics..heart, O2, Brain, breathing...We are encouraged. This morning the music therapy rep. named Shea stopped by to help Jack work out some frustration. He loved it. He didn't want to play an instrument today, but he had his own band, all of us in the room. The music therapist had a beautiful voice and played her guitar and sang a couple of songs. It soothed him, and he has been sleeping ever since.
Thanks for all of your comments and prayers. It is therapy for Rob, Elaine, and I, to read what you are saying. Feelings of isolation when you are living in a hospital are common a nurse told us, but we haven't felt that at all because we can read words from all of you Jack fans out there.
Love, Tammy

5/3/2005 10:59 AM


Anonymous said...

Hi Jack and Family,

I go to Blogspot each day to see how you are doing. I'm just anxious to see that you will be coming home. And, maybe it won't be long.

You are a brave little boy and I continue to ask God to watch over you and your family and also the doctors and nurses. I know DJ and Sophie are anxious for you to be home. It won't be long until you will feel like playing with them.



Pat White said...

Just got back from lunch and checked the BLOG. Wonderful news to read and know that you are encouraged by what you see in JACK and the BLOG.

I am thrilled that you do not feel isolated and that prayers and loving comments keep you going.

Back to work. More later.

Blessings and prayers from a committed JACK fan.

Pat White

shellie said...

Tammy & Rob,
Isn't the God-given gift of music awesome? So great to hear that it brought comfort to Jack and provided him with comfort and sleep. DJ and Sophie were also enjoying some funny Veggie Tale music on the way to school this morning with Brittany and Ashley. Sophie and Ashley were having a great time singing and giggling. DJ and Brittany were deeply involved in some sort of sports discussion. You have the greatest kids with such happy attitudes. I dropped off all 4 kids at school this morning with smiles on their faces.

We are thankful for each sign of progress as Jack is on the road to recovery. We are thankful he has such wonderful parents, grandparents and extended family taking care of him. Our prayers continue for each and every one of you.

aaron's mom said...

It has taken me a week to figure out to post a reply. We have been thinking of you all and I am SO pleased to read about Jack's progress! Slow and steady is good. Aaron sends all of his love to Jack and looks forward to our evening reading of this blogspot. We love you all!

Anonymous said...

From another committed "Jack Fan"....

What a neat group to be a part of, people from all over the world! I hope you know we are not just "Jack Fans" but "Marcelain Fans." You all are shining the light of Jesus through this experience.

This Blog is the best thing, and I hope you know that it is also a blessing to us that keep up with Jack's progress here. I love reading words from sweet people like "Grandpa", Tamara, and all the others that love each of you so much!

It is great to hear all the progress he is making. I know it is a relief to be in a real room and out of ICU. That is progress in itself.

Take care and know that much love and many prayers are being said on yours and Jack's behalf everyday.

We are anxious to have all of you back with us and hope it isn't much longer before Jack is back to his normal self.

Connie Chrane

Anonymous said...

Hello Jack, Tammy, Rob, Family and Friends,

It's good to hear that things are looking up. I leave for Germany and the Czech Republic today but will continue to check up on you via the blog site. Hey, Jack, you'll now have somebody praying for you every day from Europe.

Bill Smith

Anonymous said...

Hello Rob, Tammy and Jack,
As usual I look for updates after lunch each day. The first thing we do in the morning is look for the new update and then throughout the day. Jack has become our household friend. We want you to know that so many here in Abilene are in constant prayer for you. It has been an inspiration for us to witness and be a part of. We have had the priviledge to work at churches that were great in areas but we have never seen anything like this. The Lord Bless you and give you a peace that only He can give.
Lifting you in prayer,
Mark, Terri, Shay and Jace Aldriedge

Jacki Hathorn said...

What encouraging news! Jack glad to hear you are doing so well - each little step is another step closer to you coming home. So thankful you are getting some healing rest. Sarah thank you for this wonderful way of keeping us updated. Our family too is anxious to check the blog first thing in the morning and later at night for progress. Tammy and Rob you are such an example to all of us. We love you and are petitioning our Father on Jack's behalf. Blessings, Jacki

Anonymous said...

Dear Jack,

We don't know each other very well, but after reading all of the posts I feel like I know you much better now. You are a wonderful kid! So many are praying for you, and have been praying and continue to do so. Tell your Mom and Dad that they are in our prayers too! We look forward to meeting you in person at Southern Hills.
God loves you and so do we,
Joe Placencia and family.

Anonymous said...

Tammy and Rob
We are able to follow how you are doing thanks to this site and don't feel so isolated from you. It is great how Jack is coming along and you must be relieved to for him to be out of ICU. Pray his progress continues well.
Love to you all

Anonymous said...

Tammy Says
The brain tube is out. We just took Jack for his first wheelchair ride to the front lobby which has a huge train display. He had just been in the treatment room, getting the drain out of his sweet little head. We had 30 minutes before the nurse said he needed to be hooked back up to the feeding tube, so the neuro nurse practitioner, one of Jack's favorite people here, said get this boy off this floor and take him to see the trains. So bloody hair and all we took him down to the lobby. He liked the wheelchair ride, a bit groggy from the morphine due to the procedure, but he liked it we could tell. He will enjoy going back tomorrow. Now that he is not being monitored for brain pressure we can move him around a bit more, and tomorrow the pt will come and help us get him walking.
The neuro nurse practitioner also said that the rep. from the children's rehab facility here in Dallas would be by to speak to us tomorrow. They will evaluate Jack and decide if he can do outpatient therapy for speech or if inpatient therapy would be best. The hospital will keep us here only until Jack's feeding tube can be taken out, when he can eat. Could be another day or two, then we would either come home, or Rob and Elaine would take Jack and I to the rehab where we would live for up to 6 weeks.
This was not easy news for me to hear. As I would love to come home and hug my kids necks, and pick them up from school when they are sick, and help them shop for teacher appreciation gifts...I ofcourse want what is the very best for Jack so it could be a while until we get home. Keep your posts coming.
p.s. The neuro nurse practitioner, kathleen, said she had never seen a child be so still for the procedure that Jack just had. Rob held him and was able to comfort him. They had the music therapist in their with him singing, the child life specialist in talking Jack through it all and the medical team. Boy, Jack is such a blessing to us.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jack,
Everyone at the Pepperdine University church of Christ was asking about you on Sunday. They are all praying for you in Malibu,California! I heard you even had your own band in your room this morning! Awesome! I know that you are still hurting and I think that stinks! We are praying for you. You are so brave!!!Go, Jack, GO!!!!!

Dave, Karise, Keely & Kinlie

Dear Tammy, Rob, Tom & Elaine,
Your blog sounds so upbeat, yet you must be exhausted in every way! We are praying for God to pour Himself continually out upon you. Sounds like you have a great staff.. of course, God will bless us with the best!We love you and pray for a steady, and SPEEDY recovery!
Sunday at church, we sang "Had it not been for the Lord who was on our side.." and we just cried thinking of Jack. I had a vision of us all being at Southern Hills singing that together with him sitting healthy right beside you. I pray that comes to pass quickly!
"Blessed be the Lord, who would not give us up. Blessed be the Lord for His unfailing love."

Love, prayers, peace, and hope,
David , Karise, Keely & Kinlie

Cover the Marcelains with your unfailing love. Renew them each hour of this journey. Pour your Holy Spirit on all who are working for Jack's healing. Bless the families of the doctors, nurses, and staff, that they may have more to give to Jack each day. Touch the mouth of Jack Marcelain that it may heal quickly , completely, miraculously. Touch his hands and feet that they soon clap and run. Touch his brain, and heal it completely. Touch his legs that they carry him to his home and church family once again. Touch his internal organs. Give them complete health. Touch his arms that they may reach for his family again. Touch those beautiful eyes, that they may see his family. You have touched his heart, and ours through this, Lord. Thank you for the power of your healing hand. Thank you for hope when we feel most lost and far away. You are mightier than medicine, you surpass all technology; it is in your mighty hands to heal Jack. Please heal this boy. We love him so. Bless his parents and grandparents with the strength of your resurrection and the power of your love. Thank you for not forsaking us. We love you. In the powerful name of Jesus the Christ, Amen.

Anonymous said...


I am glad to hear that he is having such progress.
We read the blog everyday and he is in our prayers as are all of you. Tell Jack we here at Dr. Garcia's say hello. Brandi

Anonymous said...

Dearest Tammy, Rob, and Jack,
Greetings from North Carolina! I have been keeping up with you via the blog. I am praying for our God's strength, patience, power, and rest to infuse you. Tammy, I look at the beautiful photographs you took of my children every day and think of you, your sweet kindness and gentle way. I miss you and I just wanted you all to know that our church here in Sylva, NC is praying for you.

With the love of our Lord,
Jodie Wade