May 02, 2005

Room 414, We're Outta here!!

I am thankful to Tammy who has post a comment that I will put 'front and center' in just a moment, but I would like to offer my perspective (editor's privileges, don't you know). Tammy's comments let you know that Jack has come a long way, yet still does have a ways to go. Let me tell you about what I witnessed first-hand:

My friend Tammy is the consumate mother -- caring for and loving her child is as natural as breathing to her. Sure, she's getting tired, and more than anything she longs to catch glimpses of 'her Jack' that has been too long away, but since her Jack is, indeed, in Children's Hospital -- there's no place she would rather be. I'm not surprised by this at all -- it was just so precious to witness it.

Rob is not only a precious and loving father, he longs to ease his wife's burden and be any help at all to her. He's still very much the Rob I know -- concerned for all of his family and a servant- leader to them.

Elaine -- I really only know Elaine as the woman that the Marcelain children run to for hugs and love at church. What a blessing to her family she is. Hurting with all of them and loving all of them. We told her today and I will say it again: how precious for the family that she is able to be there to help. She is an extra dose of energy and love.

I don't say all of this to add any pressure to these 3 to be perfect for us -- it is simply to illuminate what you already are. It is what you cannot help being -- it is God's Spirit shining out of you.

And Jack -- well, we all know Jack and that's why we're here. Jack is full of life, sweet and thoughtful, and will do anything to make us laugh. He's still in there, and is on his way out as soon as his precious brain remembers all of those wiring connections.

I fear writing something like this because I know that the Godly people you are don't want the glory or attention, and the humans you are want to be sure we are aware that you are infallible. Well, no kidding. But in times of crises, your sponge is squeezed, and what's been in you all along comes out. Why are we not surprised it's the Spirit of the Lord?