February 28, 2007

24 in Dreamland

I received a call from the insurance company yesterday saying that all the paperwork has been forwarded to the Dr. employed by the insurance company who makes the decisions on what should be covered as far as Jack's insurance should go. I should hear back today regarding his decision. There is a 24 hour timeline that he is required to abide by.

Rob and the kids were invited by one of Rob's friends who is a pilot at the Air Force Base to go to the base and see the B1 and also go into the simulator where they fly and land the plane, I guess maybe the largest video game ever. They all had a good time. Thanks David!

In past blogs I have written that I fall short of the tooth fairy duties. I love the deal that Derek and I have worked out now that he knows that I am the tooth fairy. He pulls out a loose tooth, washes it off, brings it to me and I hand him a dollar. Now this is a plan I can work with.

In my dreams last night the kids and I were in our house. 2 helicopters landed on the front lawn. A guy from church who I don't really even know walked up to the window with a cell phone in his hand and told me I better "bunker down," get the kids into one room with me and lock the door. I did that, then out of no where one of the pilots from the helicopter walks over to the window and says hello. She was the mother of a bride whose wedding I shot last year and I also go to church with her. She said that they had to clear the air space because an airplane had to get by. My dream was a combination of 24, my job and my church family. It is rare that I remember my dreams so well, but that one was so weird I guess it just stuck with me. I wondered when 24 would show itself in dreamland, so many helicopters, and terrorists...atleast it was a disney style 24.

Hope this light hearted blog finds you well today.


annie said...

I need to work out an agreement like yours with my daughter, Emelia. I think all moms have had that feeling of horror when you wake up and realize you didn't do the tooth fairy duties... worse yet, forgetting to be santa before they wake up ... oops!
Have a blessed Thursday!