February 23, 2007

Details and Small Town Texas Feature

I haven't heard from the insurance company or doctor's office today after talking with both several times yesterday. I am assuming that means that all the paperwork is where it should be and we are now waiting for the approvals to take place. There are 2 doctors, one is the radiologist, and the other is a pediatric neurosurgeon. The pediatric neurosurgeon is not Jack's regular doctor, he is someone who has been trained on the gamma knife machine. I was disappointed to hear from the scheduling nurse that the first date open for the pediatric neurosurgeon is March 30th. I emailed Jack's oncologist to get him in the loop for the timeline (don't you love email?) and he said he would check into everything for me. We will see if he can get the date moved up a bit.

I am so excited to announce an upcoming monthly feature....Tammy and Jana Shoot Small Town Texas. One of my very good friends Jana B., loves photography as much as I do and we are aiming for a day trip once a month to explore small towns with in about 100 miles of Abilene, taking pictures of what we see and documenting our day. Be looking for this monthly feature starting in March, I can't wait. I will probably kick off the feature with some favorite pictures of my favorite town, Abilene.

I know alot of you check my photography blog, and it has been off season for a bit, but things are starting to get busy again, look for some new pics in the next week.