February 22, 2007


Well I called the doctor and insurance company yesterday. The insurance company is waiting for paperwork from the doctor's office to decide if they will cover the procedure. I am still assured by our case manager that everything should be covered. So no date yet, but maybe soon.

We know a little boy named Logan, he is having a major surgery today at Cook Children's Hospital in Ft. Worth. He has a tumor that has entwined his spine and will be the 5th patient to have surgery on their new IMRI surgery table. Please remember Logan today in your prayers. Here is a picture I took of Logan a couple of weeks ago.

There is alot happening this weekend for me, Friday night and Saturday morning is our church Ladies retreat, Saturday afternoon and evening I am shooting a wedding, and Sunday is the Bridal Fair. I will have alot to talk about Monday morning. It will be a GREAT weekend, but alot of big events crammed into the same 48 hours.

We'll talk again soon.


Update on Logan -

Logan made it through the surgery fine and the doctors were able to remove nearly all of the tumor around the base of his head and his spine. He will be in ICU for a couple of days. The doctors also found a tumor that is starting to develop on his arm. They are going to take a further look at it later.


Amber Joy said...

I am uber excited to see you at the Ladies' Retreat tomorrow.