February 16, 2007

I Got Mama

Friday morning. Sophie has been busy this week practicing for the children's act for sing song at ACU. She always has a good time learning the dance and ofcourse just loves being on stage. I took some pictures last night, once I get them processed I will post a couple.

We are staying busy this week. I heard from the hospital yesterday and they said that they weren't sure if insurance would cover Jack's gamma knife procedure. I called our case manager from the insurance company and they felt sure it would be, so a bit of red tape is holding up the date. I still think we will be within the one month mark as the radiologist has given us. We are very lucky for all of the healthcare needs Jack has had to have only had minor issues with insurance. Things will work out.

Jack and I were sitting on the couch the other night, we were watching our favorite show, Deal or No Deal. This show drives me crazy. When I say our favorite show, I mean my kids favorite show, and I just enjoy being a part of their excitement and listening to their advice for the contestant. Derek is always pushing for the contestant to open one more suitcase and Jack and I are both saying take the money and go home. Sophie doesn't give her two cents very often.
Jack was playing his gameboy at the same time and he was sitting right next to me. The commercial for H and R Block came on the television. I got people. You hear I got people a half a dozen times, and at the end of the commercial, Jack with his nose in his gameboy, says "I got mama." Tears, tears and tears. I said, "yes, you do Jack."

My meager human heart was swollen with emotion with those three words, I got mama. I love Jack so much, and to write those words right now makes me cry. What must God feel when we things are hard for us and we say in no uncertain terms, "I got God." There is no waiver in our voice, just like there was no waiver in Jack's voice. Jack knows I can not fix his brain tumor, but I am by his side ALL the way. I don't know God's plans for Jack, I pray for healing, but I don't know if that is in God's big scheme of things, no matter where the journey goes, I GOT GOD. There is a peace and confidance in that.


Denise W said...

Good stuff, Maynard. I got God. better than people or Mama.

Sing for Joy said...

What a wonderful thing for your son to say and for you to know how he feels. He has you and you both have God and you are blessed.

Sarah said...

Oh, always remind me: I got God. Love that. Thanks!