February 14, 2007

Fell 2 Miles From the Sky and Lived

Did anyone see the television footage of the skydiverMichael Holmes who jumped from the plane and he fell 2 miles without either of his parachutes opening and lived to tell about it? I had the Today show on the other day and this young man and his friend who had jumped together were guests on the show. The young man's first chute wouldn't open, his second chute wouldn't open, he tried to release his second chute completely and eject if off his body hoping that it would allow the first to open, it tangled up in the first chute, then realizing he had no other alternatives he waved goodbye to the camera on his head, and fell into a blackberry thatch. All this recorded. His buddy landed right next to him and called out his name, low and behold, he answered. He was alive. He fell 2 miles from the sky and lived. God has some serious plans for that young man.

I can look back at several times in my life where things could have turned out differently and I believe that God protected me because my work on earth was not done. I am sure we all have experiences that we think could have turned out differently but for the grace of God and His plans for us. Tell me yours.


renovating this heart said...

Thank you for reminding me to count my blessings of survival. I have several.... I am debating whether to share them here. I want to, but am scared. I'm not sure of what.

Okay, I'm gonna write them, but no judgments please... just been through a lot and in a bunch of valleys.

Car wreck in 1997 - flipped my brother's truck, tools flew threw the air and out the truck windows, but not one touched me, and the smashed-in roof of the truck did not touch me either.

Eating disorder - years of fighting that battle, my physical health at risk, He always sent me to get help before anything bad happened... electrolytes always found to be low, but no heart attack. (In recovery now, thank the Lord)

Suicide attempt in 2001 - He allowed me to live after a horrible night, and then saved my life a few days later when I tried to take it. My roommate wasn't supposed to come home that night, but she did.

Car wreck in 2002 - Got rear-ended immediately after I removed my seat belt to find my wallet on the car floor... hit the windshield with my head. On that morning, God reminded me my hair needed a baseball cap, so only the front of the cap was shredded. I was fine.

I have relapsed and had serious suicidal struggles just in the past couple of years.... He has protected me from myself and the lies in my head. I am now in recovery from both e/d and depression... I often wonder when He will give up on me, but He never does. I forget that He is the ONE I can trust will NEVER EVER give up on me, even if I give up on myself.

Thank you for listening. Please praise God with me for how He stays beside us even in our ugly humanity... how He won't let us walk too far from Him without a rescue... He holds my hand even when I try to let go. He is mine and I am His. And it's posts like this that remind me.

Praying for your family and Jack. I'm so sorry you're having to walk this journey again, but I watch your faith in amazement. God is not done yet.