February 24, 2007

Lubbock Blows Through

I just returned home from our Ladies Retreat this weekend. I had to leave a couple hours early due to a wedding this evening. I loved every minute of the retreat. Judy Thomas was our speaker, she came in from Nashville for the retreat. She is a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart who helped us focus on our love story with the Lord. Great weekend, great friends, and most of all a Most Great Jesus who is the center of it all.

West Texas Wind....as I was leaving the hotel, I saw Lubbock had not only blown in but has blown through. It is so windy here right now it is brown outside. The big sign for the hotel had blown down and was blowing across cars and the mall parking lot across the street. I am sitting in my house at my computer and I can taste the dust. This is the West Texas Wind at it's loudest and wildest.

I am hoping the bride's dress is not brown by the end of the night.