February 20, 2007

Scripture of belief

Still waiting for a date for Jack. I am going to call the Dr. today if I don't hear from them.

There have been several scriptures that have been on my mind lately. One scripture comes from my favorite book to study James 2:19, "You believe that there is one God, Good! Even the demons believe that - and shudder." I am not sure why that verse keeps coming to mind. But I will share that when I was coming back to the Lord and seeking Him that verse really shocked me. Even though I had turned my back on the Lord, He pursued me without letting up for years. During that time I knew I "believed" in God. I thought that even though many of my choices were sinful according to scripture that I wasn't really hurting anyone but myself, live and let live, was where I laid my hat.
When I came back to the Lord and read that scripture it sent chills down my spine. The belief I had in God was not even as reverant as the demons, because there was no shuddering on my part, just disregard. I am always amazed at how obedient the demons in scripture are to the power and authority (key word there) of Jesus and His name. I fell to the one of the greatest tools wielded by the devil, apathy. If the devil can't have me worship him, then he will still succeed in his plan as long as I don't worship the Lord.
I don't really understand alot about the devil, but that he was a beautiful angel, he was so beautiful that he thought he should be worshiped as only God should be worshiped. He was thrust out of heaven to hell along with his followers, the angels that chose him over God. (God gave the angels free will, just like us.) And so he began his reign as satan and his only focus is to pull all the people he can away from the Lord. Satan is not omnipotent like God, he does not know our words before we say them, he doesn't know our hearts, but he can read us, our actions and reactions, he is a master at it.
Each time I sin it pulls me away from the Lord, but the awesome part of that is that because Jesus came and shed His blood for the atonement (forgiving) of my sins, as soon as I ask for forgiveness and repent, that separation that I have put between myself and God is gone, and the Bible says that my sins are wiped clean.
Praise God for His grace and mercy.


Anonymous said...

Your words are part of my daily devotional...I love to read what is in your heart. I know God is so proud of you.